Wednesday, 2 February 2011

New high-street trends.........

Before I go on to the latest high-street trends, if you go on to if you go on to the main site then click on s/s 11

High-street fashion: Today I am looking at tops and at their prints and styles!
I have went shopping on Saturday and I noticed that bud and birds prints are in high-street fashions at the moment as well as checker prints as well, also crop tops, tie up and baggy arms are making there way back in to our wardrobes!i noticed this in mainly Republic, H&M and New Look.

I am revisiting these shops and more on-line to show theses styles and how to wear them

First I went to the New Look Site and I found theses great examples................
As you can see there are lots of different styles and prints and they link into each other.
The fourth top, the ninth top and the twelfth top come in a variety of colours and prints.
Tomorrow I will be looking at Republic,H&M,TopShop as well as Miss Selfridge! Hope you enjoyed this piece and log on tomorrow for the next piece.  

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