Sunday, 10 July 2011

The Brilliance of Alexander McQueen!

Even though Alexander McQueen has passed away his brilliance and Iconic style lives on. With Sara Burton is now the new designer but is still Alexander's name. 
Sara Burton was a pointed by The Fashion Gucci as Creative Director/ Designer in may 2010.
In her pairs Fall/Winter Collection in march there was a lot of fur and white colours. The bottom of the dresses are pleated and there is a lot of emphasis on the waist line with pin stripes. There later some grays come into it still including fur and different shapes and straps are introduced before a lot more adventurous designs come out. These are the designs to scream Alexander McQueen. Powerful. Daring. Different.

Alexander Was close to Lady GAGA as he designed most of her wacky and daring outfits.

I LOVE Alexander McQueen and last year his death was a tragedy not only for his family and his friends but for Fashion too. But hopefully his iconic designs and label itself will live on with the help of Sara.

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