Sunday, 10 July 2011

Chiffon Chic! Continued....

I am a Genius or WHAT?? So yesterday I am reading my favorite magazine LOOK, and the first page is Florence (as in Florence and the Machine) and she was in america doing a gig and there was a picture of her doing two of them and she was wearing the most beautiful Chiffon dress by Gucci  and it looked stunning! It was like a she read my blog and asked Gucci to make her one! I am so pleased and had to share it!
I new I could predict high-street fashion quiet well but not celeb fashions!!!!
I am so Happy! I have Scanned the page so you can see! 

Enjoy! (I Know I did!)

The top picture expresses the movement of Chiffon exactly how I meant it on the other post and it 
looks Great! Florence has done a great job of proving my point!

I love this picture and I love Florence and she has showcased chiffon chic perfectly!
I hope I haven't come across as cocky or arrogant but just patient for fashion and my little successes!
SORRY! This post was meant to go yesterday but the picture wasn't working its still not so i will up load the picture later!

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