Saturday, 23 July 2011


Sorry I haven't posted in a while but I was packing for holiday! So exited!          Anyway...

A few post back I posted how I like to design and make clothes and fashion well today design is what I am going to concentrate on. Design is the key to fashion and the industry that's how all designer are noticed and some even successful! 

 I Love to design and its really fun creating outfits and clothes via drawing. It is easier to show what my fashion will be like and what I would Love to put down my runway.  I also like to design things I will eventually make with in that month or so. If you want a career in design like me its very important to practice constantly especially if you are like me. if you are full of ideas which you can picture and see in your head but find it hard to express it on paper. I am no artist but after lots of attempts I have gotten considerably better but not perfect. Well not yet anyway! I Love to design and Its one of the best ways of expressing fashion!

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