Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Dress Making Mania! Continued...

So I was saying yesterday that I love designing and making my own clothes. And a great way of decorating garments is embroidery. This can be done in two ways either by hand (normally only small sections) or by using a machine. 

 Getting the best results for using a machine is simple.   Get a piece of material and attach it to the plastic square   and tread the machine before you set the computerized   machine to do its thing and all you need to change the   colour thread when necessary.  

Getting the best results by hand can be harder. 
its best especially if you are just starting out to use lining or cotton. You will need a transfer/pattern, needle and an iron. The best way if you are starting out is you basically you get a transfer and iron it onto you piece of material so you can see the pattern through the material and use the embroidery thread to trace the Pattern using a needle and stitching it.   

HINT: Use a embroidery ring to hold the material tort to make it easier and for a better result. 

I love using embroidery and its a great to finish a garment or put a twist on you original clothes or even a logo for you company.
I hope this was useful and informative! Till tomorrow good bye!

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