Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Lady Dior

So I just love  Dior, But the Lady Dior line is my overall favorite! The Lady Dior bag so classic timeless it will never get old! To me this bag is about class and fashion coming together!
 That bag is what started the beginning of this year's bag trend. you probably saw the river island that where it started in the high-street. That is how iconic this bag is! I just LOVE IT!
This bag was in inspiration of Lady Diana. And will always be in Fashion!

There is a new line of them four in total they are really cool funky colours but they are horrible! they have messes around with a timeless classic and ruined it! The original are still for sale though (likely) I prefer the smallest size it looks cuter and nicer and more iconic. Dior bags are known for the Dior key-ring with the letters which adds a nice touch to a perfect bag!
This is an inspirational and iconic bag and a great little investment!

These are the new and quite frankly horrid Lady Dior Bags. :{ 

This is class and timeless fashion becoming one! Don't You Just Love It!?
This is the most Iconic and beautiful Bag which Will never go out of fashion in my eyes!

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