Monday, 4 July 2011

My Love for History of Fashion! 1940s to 1950s!

I Just love keeping up to date with the latest fashions, watching fashions shows and going shopping. But I just adore older fashions. from the late 1940s to the 1950s. i love how iconic the shapes, movements in the skirts/dress and the siluet of the dresses. I also love the hair how its sooooo neat yet sophisticated and in away fashionable! The dresses are mostly pleated and are layers underneath this makes the movement so nice. The use of  mono tones look very slimming and brings a nice contrasts nicely. The fashions in the 1940s seem to be neater, and the dresses and skirts are longer. The bodices tend to go in outlining your there tinny waist before the skirt part comes out from the hips with flattering pleats. In the 50s the skirt part is less pleated and the hem is higher and the colours are more varied and daring.   
 My favorite is the dresses they are absolutely gorgeous! I will upload some pics and you can see for yourself! But i just love 1940s/50s fashion! X


Here is you can see pleats and a longer hem and mono tone colours. And the emphases on the waist line. 


Here you can see a shorter hem and more daring colours and prints and less emphases on the waist line. as well as more accessories . 


  1. great post, very well written! the forties, fifties and the twenties are my favourite eras!

    I was worried about how people would react to this post, i sooooo glad you liked it!