Tuesday, 19 July 2011


I Love Retro! Retro objects is every where and I love them! Gumball Machines and Juke-Boxes! The Thing I Love the most is the Fashion!
Its so wacky and out there but in some way right now.
Block colours as i have previously is what Retro fashion and the 60s is all about! In retro fashion there isn't much of a waist line but the colours and and pattern solve the unflattering a quite daring waist line
Other than the block colours they are also psychedelic patterns and bright colour normally on Lycra material. Big  hair and sun glasses as well as the big earphones are all the range in the 60s and is so retro which I LOVE! Bright leg warmer and tights to finish the the loud, 60s and retro look!  

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