Saturday, 3 September 2011

A Day Out in London Part 2: Mamma Mia

After I had a Coffee in the cafe gardens I got the tube to Coventry street to have a pizza at Pizza Express. After a great meal I went to the Prince of Wales Theater and went down to the bar. 
The show was simple brilliant! I would also recommend this show too Its so goood!  

You might be thinking what has a west-end show got to do with fashion? Well...I think fashion is every were and IT IS! you may think you don't follow fashion but every one does! It doesn't have to walk the runway of Malian to be fashion! Anyway! All the costumes in the show were made on demand, and have to be altered according and they all looked fantastic (the costumes that is!) All of them were so well made and did the job.

So to me that's still clothing so there fore is still fashion!
My day in London was a long one. And it was filled with fantastic fashion!

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