Friday, 9 December 2011

The Clothes Show Live! 2011

On Wednesday I went to the last day of the clothes show live. This was the last day of the event and most certainly the best day to go. this is because everything you buy is discounted loads it was amazing how cheap things were! even brands like Paul's boutique was discounted soo much! The High light of the day has to be the fashion show! Theme was a night a department store and there was so many great outfits there was also a whole host of celebs like George Lamb, stars of hollyoaks and the boy band from the X-Factor as well as many more! In the main part you can pay very little money (£3-£5) to get gift bags full of make up magazines such as ELLE and every day items. 
In there you can do anything from shopping watching a concert on a smaller stage, eat loads of crap or even having a drink the bar! It really was a great day and would defiantly recommend it for next year!

Pictures from the fashion show:


  1. I love the image where the guy kneels down and "proposes"

    check me out please, B

  2. Yes the fashion show was so great all the clothes and how they combined it with dance and hint of acting!

    Yes I Will definitely check out your blog!

  3. Amazing pictures. It's so cool that you went to a clothes show! xo

  4. Yes it was amazing and hopefully will go next year too.