Thursday, 29 December 2011

Funky Christmas Gifts!

We all know someone if its yourself, a friend or a family member who either gives of receives a very fun novelty clothing gift! They can be anything to a fun in your face knitted jumper from your Nan or a pair of socks or even a pair of novelty under-ware from your lover! Most of the time you hate them and only ware it for that day before its thrown into the back of your wardrobe! 

This year I received a pair of novelty socks from my Mum theses were knitted but were in fact bought from a shop (Matalan) these shocks were made to look like reindeer Rudolph to be precises they had very nice pink pom pom for the nose, but the real head turner was that they had built in toes this when worn looks very peculiar! Although its strange and kinda weird to look at I just love them and will be wearing them through out the winter season in fact I am wearing them as I sit here writing!
They aren't your everyday fashion statement but I just adore my socks! 

I would just love to know if you got any fun or slightly strange novelty clothing and feel free to upload a picture too!

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