Sunday, 4 December 2011

The Party Season Must Haves!

The party season is finally here and trying to find the perfect part dress is even harder than every this year as there as so many different trends and styles available! I think for this time of year a sparkly dress is very important. 
Some of the styles I just love is the figure hugging dress to really show off your sexy curves! Also floor length dresses are really in and are hitting the red carpet this month more than ever! Another great trend is the pleated flared skirt of the dress lace features are also hitting the high-street every were as a must have feature!  To finish of a fantastic party look you need lots of accessories and a lavish pair of hills and a clutch bag! 

This Dress worn by Taylor  Swift at the american Music awards is a perfect example of a party dress; sparkly, floor length, and body hugging though I think she should have worn a neckless with the strapless look. I think this dress is absolutely amazing!

This dress from oasis is gorgeous with the lace design and the pleated skirt makes it a must have this Christmas!
I just adore this dress with the elegant lace at the top and slightly pleated skirt and the two materials work in harmony with the belt bringing it together this dress is one of my favorites. this dress is from the online shop BooHoo.

This dress from lipsy is embellished body hugging dress showing of those curves with the lace to give it that something else it really is a perfect party dress.

Some of my favorite shoes are from and will go great with the lipsy dress which are also available in black.


  1. Taylor is looking pretty great.... :)

  2. I agree a lot of the celebs are rocking that trend recently! X

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