Thursday, 22 December 2011

Statement Blazer

This seasons are so in and can really make an outfit look sophisticated. Also a blazer can really bring an out fit together and give the outfit an all round look. 

This season a blazer is one of the must have items in your wardrobe, a blazer could also be apart of you party outfit this month for Christmas or new years! One outfit that I think looks fab is a long blue blazer with the arms rolled up to elbows and a pair of short shorts finished of either with a big statement handbag, across the shoulder handbag or even a clutch and a couple of long gold neckless's. 
A great part outfit with a blazer could be a mid length dress (I think it would nice with any colour but i am going with pink this time) with a long black blazer a oversized clutch some killer hills and a long gold neckless again!

Another I just love witch I just adore is the long sparkly blazer with a plain (made silk or even chiffon but it doesn't have to be) top and a pair of sparkly short shorts from witch I think makes a perfect Christmas-ey outfit. This outfit I just found out Nicole Sherzinger is total rocking in black sparkles! 

Wear these with a plain top and some long gold neckless's and then add some chunky bangles and an oversized clutch bag and of course a pair of major killer heels!

Nichole Rocked this look at I heat radio event!

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