Saturday, 21 January 2012

Fashion update!

I will be writing more about the golden globes later this week but today I wanted to write about some new trends cropping up. All the new things are coming in as all the old stuff is being sold off and off course all the summer stuff is coming in and I am loving in it!
The floral print trend is still going strong and a few winter trends are leaking in too as well as winter trends adapted for summer life too!

from Topshop I just love all the geek chic collar and chiffon shirts also I love the over the shoulder bags are still in as I adore them! Off course there is a load of swim wear for summer and they are floral printed (LOVE!)

These were some of my favourites but you can get them from Topshop with different variations of them. has some great things this season I especially love the skater skirt they have in red and would go perfect with that scallop top talked about a while ago. also on there are lots of bright  block colours which we was a lot of from last time as well all so last year we saw a lot of brogues (which are gorgeous) and this year I love the fact that have taken it to the next level by making the them bright pink patent and with a quiet high heel I'm just loving. there are also quiet a few ice cream colours going on starting to come through but I think we will be seeing more of them later in the year. There are some fashions just like Topshop but as well as the good old 
floral print!

Great example of Ice cream colous

Some serious colour blocking


Again Miss Selfridge a lot of the same thing bright and light colours, floral prints and colours as you can see. 

I just love all the new season trends and I have feeling they will develop even more over the next few months!

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