Saturday, 7 January 2012

Techno Fashion!

Techno Fashion is for very modern and fun!Its when technology and fashion weather, its clothing or accessories is incorporated into fashion, for example if I wanted to plug my iPod into my bag or coat and run the wire through that would be perfect example of Techno Fashion!

  This bag is an example of a techno product because by using a stereo design and incorporating a pair of speaker to plug an mp3 into this is a techno fabric because the designer has put a man made product into it.

  One of more common techno product is a fibber optic product which safely aluminates a product giving the clothes a modern look. People often use them on stage and wedding like when it dark to make it a nice effect. You can use it in mass all over the product or just a few it give it a stullte sparle. 

Swarovski has come up with a very original idea called the D:light this new fashion accessory includes light, diamonds and time. It uses the light to light up the diamonds to show the current time. This is a new type of techno fashion that hasn’t been used before.    

Angel Chung has designed a body warmer that at a press of a button heats the vest up it has due to a special material for the vest which is able to conduct heat. This is newer type of techno clothing and is designed for a winter’s day.

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