Saturday, 14 April 2012

Fashion Icon!

There are many Fashion icons out there, lots of these are within the royal family. The late princess Diana was the iconic and well known fashion icons for Britain during her time here and now Kate Middleton has taken over that role perfectly! 

Worn in 1997 on her visit to Washington DC!

Wow That's fab!

LOVE this one!

Wedding dresses are the most Iconic piece of all and nothing quite compared to her's...

 Designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel 
Designer Alexander McQueen

Kate has been known for her good taste in designer brands,but is also being taken advantage of the great British high street like TOPSHOP. 
Another well know dress is be the blue dress she announced her engagement in.
Another would be Grace Kelly she had great sense of style and designer brands.  

so elegant and graceful so beautiful 

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