Friday, 8 June 2012

Ballgowns, British Glamour Since 1950

Yesterday I went to London to see the ballgown exhibition in the London's V&A. The exhibition was laid perfectly and was very inspirational. The Exhibition was show casing the British style and glamour since 1950 to modern day. Some of the dress were a bit different and out there by designers like Alexander McQueen and a dress I really liked it was a nude colour and a lace over the top but as I walked up to it I realized it was made out of latex Atsuko Kudo. Some of dresses was worn by inspirations and fashion icons like members of the royal family such as princess Diana and the Late queen mother. Lots of the pieces were elegant and other very different but still very wearable. The exhibition really showed off the brilliance of British culture in style and designers. As you walked through the exhibition and viewed all the different eras of fashion you can see the change of style and modesty of time changing times and dresses worn at ball years ago and how gorgeous they were! This exhibition was fantastic and would defiantly would recommend it if you had the chance!


  1. gorgeous! i love the beige one with the flowers<3

  2. yes I loved that one too, I wouldn't mind wearing it to a ball myself!