Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Richard Nicoll!

Hey everyone sorry I haven't posted consistently recently due to a busy days, but I should be back on track now!

I have also gone on about how I love TOPSHOP'S designers, recently I have noticed Richard Nicoll's collection she has designed. There are only a few pieces (which come with a price) but are elegant and unique.  The use of light and basic colours with the small embroidered patterns. I like how she used similar materials and blend different style  features into very different but it still fits in with the collection. 

These four are similar to the their pair but have different material,colour and pattern but the style it self is the same. all of theses item are connected in different ways as they all share either material and colour, pattern, material and colour and or the same style features too. I think this collection is clever and I like how she put them together. I would also like to see here add some accessories to here collection next time too.  Please tell me what you think of these dresses I would love to know. What is your favourite or least favourite thing about them. 

Don't forget to check out my updates on my cosmetics page and my new page design and create! I have also updated my website so take a look there to see any that might take your fancy!

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