Sunday, 16 September 2012

London Fashion Week Diary!

14/09/12 .....9.30am

Day 1
With the fun and excitement of New York Fashion week we are fired up to see the goings on in London's Fashion Week! I will write about the collections that I have watched but I won't be able to watch them all.

I love Fashion Weeks and the year London has had Fashion week needs to live up to expectations!

Today I watched three of the London's fashion week they were amazing... with a few surprises...!
Well day one has come to a is what I thought...

Caroline Charles: collection

I adored this collection, it stared with a fun and bouncy music with bright mixed of colour.

This fashion show started out fun and exciting with bright colours and bold patterns! The music was fun and all the garments were amazing! There was a lot of use of chiffon in sarongs s as well as silks in dress and other garment. I loved the wrap dress it was gorgeous with the bright colours and print. I adored the accessories too; bright coloured wedges and oversized beach bags really got everyone in the summer mood! 
    As the show continued the music went into more serous grounds and was more slow and low key. With more basic and simple pieces of clothing with statement prints like block colours or jewellery; statement necklaces, belt earrings. 

Maria Grachvogel:

OMG! I just adored Maria's Collection! The blend of colours a different materials. This collection like Caroline Charles was very wearable which I love different but still wearable. The collection had lots of different features e.g lots of different types of neckline with collars and v-neck and one of my favs for dramatic look would be the plunging v-neck. The use of chiffon was stunning and flowed down the runway. I loved the use of the dark purples mixed with different textures in a tie die affect. This also occurred with greys, greens and blues in a number of different garments on of my favourite was the jumpsuit. My Favourite garment out of them all was the dark purple/plum coloured dress simple, classy but the two different materials make it look sophisticated nice to look at; (shown in the picture below-bottom middle)

The third show I managed to see today was the Corrie Nielson collection.

Corrie Nielson:
This show starred with jungle themed noise and set the show up nicely. If I were to describe the collection as whole in three words it would have to be weird and wonderful! This collection show unlike the first two I watched isn't very wearable in every day life maybe other than one or two...
This collection was fun to watch. The collection used lots of different materials and techniques to make layers, different shapes and ruffles. This collection is hard to describe so take a look at this pictures!

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