Sunday, 9 September 2012

New this season...

Hey guys, So Sorry this post was meant to go out yesterday from the ipad but there was some technical issues, so I am now posting from my pc.
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As you walk into shop now the new season is starting to creep in.. In the sprit of the new winter season the clothes appearing are dark and a slightly gothic feel and biker chic feel.   There are lots of warm Woolly jumpers mixed with coldness feel with the stud trend that is appearing this new season. I especially like the TOPSHOP's collection of studded clothes and shoes. This is a great trend because you can buy a top or a pair of jeans for a lot cheaper with out them and then add your own when you get them home! 
Also this season there are lots of different materials being mixed; lots of silk and chiffons appearing especially in tops as well as leathers jackets re appearing and other things like trousers and little bit appearing in tops. I love the mix of blacks,dark reds and  purple's it gives the clothing a warm and inviting feel and vibe.

Overall I'm really starting to love and in brace this new season clothes. Bring on winter!





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