Saturday, 1 December 2012

Blogger Award!

I am happy to announce that I have been I've been nominated for my very first blog award the Liebster award. Thank you so much to Chelsie! Make sure you go check out her blog its fab!
This is an award that is given to new bloggers that have less than 200 followers and then is passed on to fellow bloggers in the same category. This idea is great as I have 13 followers which I am grateful for but over 3 years I would hope of more. This is a fantastic way of getting mine other fashion blogs out there!
The Rules:
1) Each blogger nominated must post 11 things about themselves
2) Then answer the 11 questions the tagger has asked
3)Blogger must then create 11 questions of their own to ask the bloggers they decide to nominate
4) They must choose 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers to nominate and link them on their blog post
5)Bloggers must be notified of their award!
6) No tag backs

Here we Go: 

11 things about me:

  1. I love fashion and designing fashion every since I was 9 years old!
  2. I love every single animal Giraffes being my favourite ( well except snakes)!
  3. My favourite  type of food is Italian and most pasta dishes but Bolognese is my all time favourite and I eat every Friday without fail!
  4. I am deathly allergic to nuts! (that's always annoying!)
  5.  Purple is my favourite colour!
  6. I am a bit of a shopaholic I shop most weekends! 
  7. I love to make and up-cycle my own clothes its SO much fun!
  8. I always have hated PE at school but I love to go jogging and have taken part in 3 cancer research's race for life.
  9.  My favourite ice cream flavour is vanilla 
  10.  Would Love to have 3 children with my perfect man! 
  11. When I am feeling stressed like like paint random things its so soothing!

11 Question from Chelsie:

1. My all time favourite movie?
I love all musical but my favourite movie just beats Grease...The Devil wears PRADA. I just adore this film and I watch all the time I never get board of it!
2. What season do you like to dress for the most?
I love dressing for summer! Lots of bright colours and exciting accessories!
3. Coffee or tea?
I love Tea! I have a tea on the go most of the time!
4. What is the most exciting thing you have ever done?
The most exciting thing i have every done was swimming with Dolphins! I was so great!
5. Fashion trend that you hate?
The short trend of body armer started by the Designer Alexander McQueen! 
6. What is one thing you cannot live without?
My Little black rabbit! 
7. Do you have any pets?
Yes! A rabbit and a gerbil! Both full of life and my rabbit loves to cause mischief!
8. What is your biggest phobia?
I have lots of phobia's heights  snakes,  flying and spiders but my biggest phobia is definitely small spaces!
9. Any hidden talents?
Hmm... Thats a tough one... making clothes and objects out off old piece of material!
10. Favourite indulgence?
EASY! Chocolate! I could eat every few seconds!
11. What did you want to be when you were little?
Nurse, this was because my mum was and wanted to follow in her footsteps... little did I know I hated hospitals.  

The 11 people I nominated:

Here are my 11 question for my nominees:
1. Favourite Disney Film?
2.Your Best life Experience?
3. Favourite type of chocolate?
4. Odd Socks or Matching?
5. Lipstick or Lip-gloss
6. Chiffon or Silk?
7. Your Ideal Weekend?
8. Favourite Country?
9. Lazy Fay in or a wild adventure?
10. Your Hobbie?
11. Do you have any pets  if so what are their names?

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