Saturday, 23 March 2013

Do your part with H&M!

I love nature and I love it even more when it inspires fashion. I am concious for the environment as I love it and want it to be preserved because there is always room for beautiful flowers and graceful animals. I know it is hard to do your part and know how to help but know you can with H&M conscious range. It's more sustainable fashion, but don't buy it just because you feel you have too do buy it because these pieces are so gorgeous. H&M are making fashion sustainable by helping the local communities where materials are sourced and preserving workers rights, as well as helping the environment by using organic and sustainable cotton sources and saving water by using Water-concious denim to save 300 million litres. This work is fantastic and to help it keep going we have an excuse to buy fun and fashionable clothes. YAY! 

Some of their pieces in this collection I am not crazy about but I do love most of it! some of my fav pieces:

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