Monday, 14 April 2014

Boho Chic

These two stunning and mouth watering dresses from Topshop are a must have.  They boho chic but made so effortless. And there is no need for a ton of jewellery and accessories, just a simple pair of sandals and maybe a flower crown/band.They are both an off white/cream and they are straight column dresses with a lot of use of layered lace. The first is what I would call a more classic boho chic dress and the second more modern.  What I just adore about the second is the tailored look and structure to it and I think it feels like a moderne twist to a kinda 60s classic  and boho/hippie style. I always love a female tailored look its's feminine. They have a price (well it is Topshop) but I think it is a investment piece and is totally worth it you can wear it each summer season it never really goes out of fashion and it is so easy to rework to get a fresh look. LOVE!



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