Thursday, 10 July 2014

Accessorise With Impact!

So I feel terrible I have been absent for SO long. But I am back reinsured and I can guarantee you every day fashion/style diary from my French/Paris Trip.

Anyway, this evening or is it morning... no just about evening,( if I am quick!) SO back to the point... This evening I am writing about big impact accessories and shoes. But I don't been necessarily  bright bold and bulky but a piece to make or break an outfit (well I think feel free to disagree!). Here we go...

This sandal are simple and understated but put them with a pair of black skinny jeans and a simple floral vest top and the whole out fit transforms into and amazing sophisticated outfit so chic. Trust me it works.

So next is this fabulous little dress. To be honest its a nice dress on its own but add this thin and simple belt and it lifts the colour from the flower and gives the outfit a whole new dimension!

Finally. These dresses are plain but adding this jewellery (and no not statement jewellery necessarily) but colour blocking one colour jewel on to a plain dress. Black is easy any colour will work with all colour stones, for example the purple stones on the black dress really makes it pop. But the purple stones on the turquoise dress two bold colour, I think that takes the out fit to a whole new level and new meaning to colour blocking!


  1. Great looks! Accessories are key indeed!

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    1. Thank you. Of course I will follow you.