Wednesday, 17 September 2014

London Fashion Week: Tata-Naka

London Fashion week this year has been mega. Don't let the others know this but I think London fashion week is the best out of all of the fashion week( of course I am a little bias!). I really think british designers know how to work it and flatterer everyone's body shapes and personal style!

I was so excited when I received my invitation to the Tata-Naka fashion week presentation. This is my first fashion week which I have been able to attend a presentation and I am just so lucky that I was invited to one on of my all time favourite designer.
This presentation is really one for the patient but I really think it was worth the wait.


 This First collection was structured and simplistic. Saying this I still think it has a big impact and feminine silhouette and the curvy edges gives the look a whole new dimension eliminating the need for loud prints.

This next set transitioned nicely from the first. It gives a really vintage England but the pop of red appliqué to bring into a modern platform.  And the mid length really flatter all body shapes.

This set really started to edge away from the starting themes and onto the next. Introducing Bright florals figure hugging shapes and playful pleats with and flirty florals.


These next two sets where lovely. They tied in beautifully with all the previous sets. My favourite in this sets was the yellow floral number the colour really complemented the model's skin tone.  Also I like how the top was tailored to her but how the pleats flared out giving the opposite effect which I love about this piece. 

I really love the black dress a simple shape and pattern but how it fits and falls says it all. 


The next two sets are very bright and really represent what British summer is all about. The blue pleated dress is my all time favourite piece  of the whole presentation. 

 This was my favourite overall set. I just thought it was really fun. I like how they patched worked the flowers together. Over all I really liked how they cleverly transitioned from each set. It went from simplistic  tailored pieces then gently into the more flowly and softer pieces with the traditional summer florals. I really enjoyed my first fashion week prevention, and hopefully I will be there next season too.  


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