Friday, 16 September 2016

London Fashion Week Day 1: Bora Aksu

Bora Aksu one of my very favourite designers I am very excited for this show. 

I loved this show. The show had a strong nature vibe with the music and leafy stairway. Its started with luscious pink number sweet enough to eat. With lots of frills and elegance. A lot of the garments were classic and feminine. The first few had the most fabulous little jackets on with stunning embellishment.  I really loved the necklines on the last couple of dresses before the darker ones appeared they were flattering and it worked really well with the detailed fabric.
Then the garments were darker and more earthy. Then a bright yellow which had gorgeous flow is was amazing. Unfortunately and at a great annoyances to me the live stream froze a couple of times so I think I missed a few and then it out before the end. But what I did see I loved it was a collection which was wearbly chic and I loved the colours and layer of this garments.

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