Friday, 16 September 2016

London Fashion Week Day 1: Teatum Jones

Its fashion week. And as I have said in the past London is the one of the best Fashion weeks only just behind Paris move over New York, London is were the talent is New up and coming as well as timeless classic designers. 
I will be blogging about some of the live stream shows through out fashion week and will also about any other shows that catch my eye through the week so stay tuned for London Fashion Week Fun.

First up is Teatum Jones which I am so excited for. 
Here we go....

So I just finished watching the Live stream of Teatum Jones Show and wow amazing.  
Its starts with a powerful video of people talking about acceptance being yourself and not letting people and religion stand in your way. It was so powerful and moving a great way to start the show. 

The show started after the video and it gave the whole show a powerful vibe. The catwalk was fresh and exciting and felt to me a lot like a show of a young graduate show it was very nice.
The garments were wearable but stand out and different. 

Its stared with a lot of silk and femininity lots of weightless and movement. I loved the sculpting to the body of the lace straps. The blues, pinks and purples so delightful in clashing prints. 

Sheer skirt with wave details so amazing. Then a simplistic green dress with a powerful green leather jacket.
I adored the powerful white shirt to follow, and then the corset dress. I loved the use of the open gap on the side of a few pieces at the end trimmed with tiny pom poms.  The end pieces I loved with the powerful patched lines, creating an almost contouring effect. The use of peplums and soft pleating created a controlled femininity and a power.

Over all I loved how the show flowed.With each section of the show linking back to each part in unique ways. It was interesting how they also added in a few men's outfits and it came with the feeling that more mens fashion is to come in future shows across fashion week.  The show was amazing and the garments were astounding. This Show went from strength to strength. 

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