Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Dress Making Mania!

I very sorry I didn't post yesterday I didn't have time! SORRY!

So as you might of guested I LOVE to shop! But I also adore designing and making clothes! I'm just finishing a floral skirt and on my way to another project! I've decided to work from a pattern this time and make a dress. I've got a lovely pink silk and hopefully will come out well and will fit nicely! 

I think its great fun making clothes especially one were you just "wing it" and make it up as you go along. Its also a great way of saving money, getting creative and being environmentally friendly! When I have finished my dress I'm going to make a dress or bag using recycled stuff maybe drink cartons or old shirts or maybe even (unused) bin bags! But I'm not too sure yet, I will do a ruff design and go from there
AWW I am soo exited now to start my new little project! I will get started straight away! 


  1. I'm working on a skirt at the moment, I was wondering if you could do a tips post. I've only done embroidery in art class before so I'm very scared! It's going..... okay but I'd really appreciate a DIYers insight into the job!

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  3. OMG! I never thought about making shirt before you must tell me how it ends up!
    I will get working on a tips posts which will hopefully help! What did you want to know more and want want tips on? X
    BTW are you hand embroidering or by machine?