Over the past year I have rediscovered my love for art and drawing.
I love to use paint acrylic paint and water colours as well as alcohol markers.  I have been trying new styles and practising and pushing myself to grow as an artist in skill but also in confidence.

This page will show my development through this year some good some not so ( as drawing doesn't come naturally to me). It scares me a little as I don't normally show my work especially if if's not something I''m 100% proud of but I think this will be good for me! 

So enjoy tell me what you think in the comments below, what you like, where I can improve or suggestions of what I should draw or what medium I could try next!

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I just tried glass painting for the first time. It was so fun and it was surprisingly simple todo. I loved how the lighter colour are more translucent and the gold I layered up to make it seem more 3D. 

I love drawing and colouring, I can see myself improving and that makes me so happy, I feel the shadows could do with some more refining and more detailing on the face but I defiantly think it's my best yet!

Embroidery and Appliqué piece I made a few weeks ago, I tried lots of new techniques spilt stitching and french knots, the woven wheels I thought were going to be the easiest but turned how to be one of the hardest. I really enjoyed making it though. I used scraps from my sewing projects.

I love to paper quill, I really enjoy learning new techniques and experimenting with layout and styles theses are one I have done recently.

This is a drawing that took me a few days to complete I can see the imperfections; the nose, hair and sunglasses but I feel the overall look is dramatic and I feel like I have improved in the last few months and that is what makes me feel proud of this piece. I have saved the line art and I will be redoing it and hopefully learning and improving on it!

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