Friday, 20 June 2014

Shopping at Westfield!

So I am so sorry about not being very active recently as I have been so busy, but my schedule has totally freed up so I will be on here everyday hopefully!

Today I went to Westfield. I love Westfield  so many great shops in one place. I have saved all my money for about six weeks ready for this trip and I think I did well not too over board but not a waist trip either.

  1. So. I will start this Haul with Primark; My Midi Skirt! UGH I love this this its my new favourite thing it perfect colour, pleats and everything its stunning and trust me midi's are coming in!
  2.  Next is my Bikini I think that may go back but I do like the colours and the pleats.Moving on to my maxi. I love this so. Simple soft and will work work beautiful for summer. It also reminiscent to the Topshop one I mentioned early in the season but without the extensive price tag! I also bought a new phone case simple but I like it! I also bought a bagy top for swimming on holiday.
  3. Accessorize I bought a pack of three sterling silver eating in shades of blue for my second lobe hole. 
  4. Forever 21 was a new pair of PJS I love them baby and soft perfect lounging and typing up blog post in!
  5. Miss Selfridge. I bought a little Aztec top in the sale which will go perfect with some black skinny jeans or leather pants.
  6. Newlook I bought a pair of sandals I have wanted them for weeks love them and the go perfect with my midid skirt. And a new drop pocket card I like to have one of those goes with a lot and its easy! 
  7. Select. I bought which a blue kinda reminiscent of an oriental print. Nice shades of blue but I not sure if I am keeping it as its a bit too baby on me but will see.
  8. I also got a new gel nail vanish. I like the colour its very summery.
  9. And Finally Topshop I purchased some very pretty undies in the sale £2 each but I will keep them a mystery! 

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Holiday Must Haves!

When you go for that all important holiday shopping trip don't forget this years trendy holiday must haves. All you need to mix and match a perfect holiday; whether its a city break or sunning yourself by the pool...