Thursday, 4 April 2019

A Day of Mary Quant

Today I went to two exhibitions surrounding the ground breaking London 60s designer, Mary Quant. The first the London's Swinging 60s, at the Fashion and Textile's Museum and the Second the Mary Quant exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Both showed the development of Mary Quant's iconic style and her influence of the emerging youth culture. It showed her bold use of printed textiles and her influences from history. She innovated a very chic raincoat collection made from PVC not without difficulties though taking over a year to perfect with problems keeping it rain proof. But of course she was famous for popularising the iconic mini skirt. I loved her unique style that defined a generation of youth style and put the London Fashion Scene on the map. 

Today to the exhibitions I wore a Sheer Topshop top with Asos Bralette and Black Skinny Jeans from Dorthy Perkins (which by the way are the first pair to fit like a clover and they did break the bank!).