Thursday, 30 June 2011

Holiday Fashion Fever Continued....

I remembered two more holiday must haves a  playsuit and a delightful playsuit and a fab pair of over-sized pair sunglasses!  

I found some gorgeous pair of over-sized vintage sunglasses from Newlook!
and a playsuit from Lipsy!

Here are the pictures enjoy:

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Holiday Fashion Fever!

I just booked my holliday to Italy and I am sooooo Extited!!! :]
Hopefuly i get a gorgous tan!!!

Any Way I need to get packed and so I will be sharing some must haves for hot holidays this year! including a floral print or twoooo!!

First must have is wait for it........................ a FLORAL Dress! which is not too short but not long neither! if you are tall (unlike me) then a mixi dress will be nice insteed.
a floral skirt and vest top are estial for me aswell a nice pair of sandles and flip flops.
a few weeks ago i bought a pair of wedges from newlook which i will HAVE to take!
bikinies are allso something you have to take! this year more is less so keep it simple! but if you havn't stuch to the diet then a simple swimming costume is for you!!!!!!
for me this year a big floppy hat is a must have!!
i will also bring a pair of bright pink shorts and a bright yellow top to go with it!! Aswell as a pair of lacey nudey pair of shorts in the sale from asos! WOW! is that it? if there more i will make a new posts!
Here's the pic:



Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Colour Blocking Continued

So, still on the subject of colour blocking, I decided to look in my wardrobe and create a picture of colour blocking clothes. It didn't go well. i looked in my wardrobe and I found a jacket perfect to start me off the it got hard so the picture isn't great as you can see. oh well when I get my jeans i try again!