Sunday, 21 October 2018

Fashion in Motion: Carla Fernández

On Friday I went to yet another amazing fashion show by an amazing fashion designer. Carla Fernández is uses her Mexican heritage to inspire her work and her textiles. Her pattern cutting skills are amazing with beautiful designs with stunning fabrics. My personal favourite was the tailored pieces which stunned when walking down. The live music created an amazing atmosphere, overall an amazing show once again.    

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Today I am Wearing A tartan Skirt: A Day in Brighton

So it October but the weather was screaming out for a skirt. I love my new Topshop tartan skirt and Brighton was the perfect place to try it out with my favourite V&A earrings. . The pier was stunning with the crashing waves behind me. The fabric shop there was also so amazing it got my creative fashion juices flowing saw a beautiful tartan to match my skirt. Chips by the sea and walking along the beach amazing! 

Friday, 14 September 2018

Item of the Week

I found this beautiful tailored number while I was doing my weekly Topshop scrolling.  Its so simple which makes it so chic. I feel like this jacket could last years as its so classic and so many ways to wear casual going out shopping with skinny jeans or dressed up over a cute Little Black Dress. So this is my Item of the Week. 

Monday, 30 July 2018

Today in London I am wearing striped Trousers and a Body...

So anther week and another two exhibitions in London. This time not at the Victoria and Albert but at the Fashion and Textiles Museum and the Business Design Centre.  First I went to the Orla Kelly Life in Pattern exhibition at the Fashion and Textiles Museum. A print inspired designer influenced by the 60s and 70s. There was so many amazing bags and clothes. What I really liked was as you walked into the main part of the exhibition, there was giant oversized garments and tiny replica worn by dolls. If you are in London I would definitely recommend this as one to see.

Sunday, 22 July 2018

Fashion in Motion: Holly Fullton

Yesterday I went the Victoria and Albert (Yes Again!) to see their latest Fashion in Motion this time Holly Fulton retrospective. Holly Fulton is one of my all time favourite British Designers. The show was amazing sitting in the front row the atmosphere and set designer were stunning.  
Her designers were gorgeous I love the edgy sixties feel with the modern prints and use of PCV plastic.  I loved her classic use of florals and flowers and the way the clothes moved down the runway was sensational. 

I took so many great pictures but here are a few of my favourites...

Monday, 9 July 2018

Item of the Week

Okay so this week's item isn't something you can go out and buy but Haute Couture Fashion Week has been and gone and its one on my favourite times in fashion. This Ellie Saab's half dress half jumpsuit is so breath taking that thats why it's my item of the week. I love the enchanting emerald green statin it really makes the design pop.  The stunning craftsmanship and design displayed with Haute Couture will never disappoint. 

Monday, 2 July 2018

Today I am Wearing... White Halter Neck of my Own Making

Today I am wearing a white halter neck which I final finished making. 
I pattern cut the top from a basic bodice block by drawing the style lines on and made a half circle skirt from a waist measurement. I bagged out the top and hand sewn it down inside as well as the hem. I bound the seams inside. I used a binding from john lewis it wasn't the best quality I think I would make my own next time or  use the same as I did for the ribbon and loops.
I made my ribbon and and loops from a binding for a lace up back and zip down the back of the skirt.

Monday, 25 June 2018

Item(s) of the Week House of Holland

This weeks item of the week or items is the new tailored collection at House of Holland. The collection is the beautiful combination of classic tailoring and modern flare with the bright colours and modern cut. I am just in love. So if you have a spare £1000 laying around I would grab one, hell maybe get on in each colour! They make such a great statement outfit especially in the summer with the bright and brilliant colours!

Friday, 22 June 2018

One Day Two Exhibitions Part Two

The second exhibition I went to was the Azzedine Alaïa Exhibition entitled "The Couturier".  It was at the design museum. I have never been to its new location, and frankly it was pretty amazing. The whole exhibition was fabulous. The atmosphere as you walk in the room pulls you in and grabs you. Not knowing where to look first trying desperately to take it all in. It was laid and spaced out beautifully. Artist designs screens to compliment each collection of dresses. Alaïa has a background in sculpture and this informed his designs with the fabric that clinged and slid across the body. The way he used unconventional fabrics to create this sculpture effect is truly amazing.  All of his creations were truly breath taking and most of them you could walk around the whole mannequin allowing to fully take in the amazing craftsmanship.  This is were I would normally say which was couple were my favourite but I couldn't say because they were all just gorgeous in there own right. I would say go now because seeing images just don't do it justice!

One Day Two Exhibitions Part 1

Yesterday I went to two amazing exhibitions. 
The first at the Victoria and Albert Museum with Fashion in Nature. This exhibition explored the use of nature in fashion. The first part showed how nature was used from early civilisation from the used of fur and other animal part to adorn their fashion. For example beetles wings to decorate a dress or stuffed birds to accessories a hat. It also showed natural ways fabric was made and the impact this had on health, environment and communities.  The first part was quite intense and I wouldn't recommend for any hard core vegans out there. But it was interesting and fascinating.  

The second part of the exhibition was modern day.  It showed the progression of modern day fashion how they progressed, the impact of fast fashion and the impact once again on environment and communities across the world which helps the supply the chain for fast. And how the fashion and environmentally agencies were trying to slow it down. 
There were interesting pieces but designers who were able to use science and nature to create fabrics which had little to no environmental impact like Stella McCartney fashion. 

Stella McCartney