Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Christmas in London: Zandra Rhodes 50 Years of Fabulous Exhibition and Selfridges Windows

A couple of days ago I spent a lovely Christmassy day in London. Starting off with the Fashion and Textile's Exhibition of Zandra Rhodes 50 Years of Fabulous.  And ended with a spot of shopping and the exhibition was amazing, Zandra Rhodes design throughout the years she specialised in print design and I loved the vibrant colours and how she evolved through the times.
I took lot's of photos but these were some of my favourite.

Then oxford street to look at this years Christmas Windows. The theme was suture Fairy Tales and they were as usual stunning.

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Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Christmas Sparkle

At this time of year there is nothing I like more than rocking a sparkle or sequin top skirt or dress. And this year did not disappoint there are some beautiful pieces on the high street. So here are some of my favourites...

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I like this simple cami I love the subtle pattern in the sequins, wear it with a pair skinny jeans and a cute jacket job done!

Monday, 2 December 2019

Handmade Fashion

I love high street and designer clothes don't get me wrong, I love me a bit of Topshop which if you read my blogpost you will know it's my go to fashion inspiration for my posts. 
But as I embark in starting my own little business trying to sell my designs online I know how hard it is to get noticed from the big stores but also how much time, love and passion goes into each piece which is handmade by someone. But also high street although fabulous, is massed produced many people will be wearing, which could led to an awkward situation where you turn up to work or party and your are wearing the same thing as three other people! Wearing a handmade item will give you good chance of looking unique and will be giving people outfit envy! 


Earrings  Necklace  Purse  Dress  Bag    Boots

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Winter Weddings

When you get an invite to a wedding in the summer flippy skirts and cute pastel colours jump through your mind. But what do you wear when the invite says November, December, January or February?
Well fear not here is a few ideas of what you can wear at a winter wedding while keeping warm but most importantly stylish! 

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Monday, 4 November 2019

Suit Up!

I am absolutely in love with the range of chic suits that Zara a currently stocking. Making a statement with amazing colours interesting cuts to suit every style and body shape.  What I love about a female power suit is that you can rock it your way.  Go classic and wear it with a simple white chiffon blouse and a pair of black stilettos and wear it to work. 
Or for an everyday or evening look wear it shirtless and fancy bralette underneath or if your really brave nothing at all!  And for accessories keep it simple a basic clutch bag or small handbag and maybe a pair of basic hoop earrings.
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Friday, 1 November 2019

Fashion In Motion: Guo Pei

I was so excited today to go to another Victoria and Albert Fashion In Motion Fashion Show. 
This was couturier Guo Pei first fashion show in the UK and wow it was amazing! Her grow inspired dress were flawless her embellishments sparkled as they models slowly drifted down the runway.  Not the kind of fashion you would were down the shops but a beautiful and stunning display of creativity and craftsmanship. 

Guo Pei is a sustainable and environmentally aware designer using materials that derive from pineapples.  

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Monday, 28 October 2019

Winter Florals

So the days are getting colder and the nights darker so there is nothing to cheer up a dark day like a beautiful winter floral. Darker but not any less stunning or feminine than a summer floral. Keep warm with a scarf and a pair of cosy boots and an oversized bag or comfy backpack to create a chic winter outfit.

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Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Killing Eve: The Outfits

A couple of weeks ago I went to the BAFTA café to see some of the amazing Killing Eve outfits. Its free and definitely worth a look if your in the area though I don't recommend going there specially as it is very small and spoiler alert the pictures below are all the outfits featured. 

My favourite was obviously in infamous Molly Goddard pink tulle dress which is just as amazing in real life. But I also though the Dres Von Noten tailored suit was just fabulous and amazing too!  It was pretty amazing to see the designer pieces and knowing the story behind them!

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Monday, 21 October 2019

Sassing Up a Skirt

It's winter, it's cold, dark and yes probably raining! 
So there is nothing like trying to remember those warm sunny days like a bright skirt. And this season there is no short supply. 

The skirts are fabulous, so sass up a summery skirt with a chunky jumper and a pair of grungy boots or a casual tee and leather jacket. I have picked out my favourite midi skirts from Topshop, with Topshop boots, jackets and tees, and to bring the price down bags form primark! 

I have sassed them up so you don't have too. Step out in style even on those dark and dreary days! 
I particularly like the red a black skirt a colour pallet that is big this season, or even the cute floral one the outfit gives it that cool girl edge.

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Friday, 21 June 2019

Fashion in Motion: A Preen Fashion Show, A Day at the Victoria and Albert

Today was another amazing day at the Victoria and Albert, front row and ready for it to begin. Preen's amazing designs dazzled and sparkled down the runway. With flirty florals and fluffy feathers. 
The pieces were amazing, with so many subtle and not so subtle detailing.  The show as usual was just so amazing. My favourite was a pencil skirt with sparkly embellishment and blue appliqué dress. 

Sunday, 2 June 2019

A Day in Florals A Sunny Day at Kew Gardens

So yesterday was a lovely hot day in London, maybe a bit too hot to walk around Kew but at least the sun was out and shinning! I decided to go for a double floral print since flowers where the theme of the day. I wore my new floral crop top from Topshop (A sale bargain Yay) and my floral trousers from H! Henry Holland at Debenhams which I got in the sale last summer. I felt like I blended right in to the flowers which I enjoyed. 

Kew was as usual amazing with flower in bloom and a stunning art exhibition to go along with it. An exhibition of blown glass in and around the houses at Kew.  As you walk in the first piece a beautiful blue star  sparkles and dazzles as the sun beamed down on it such a great way to start the day. The pieces are by a glass work artist called Chihuly. They were so bright and bold and just stunning. I put pictures below but seeing them in person if possible is a must.