Tuesday, 31 May 2011

High-Street Colour Blocking

I have found a perfect  budget Colour Blocking outfit fresh from the high street. Its not to daring or lary if you are no to the concept  so its a great way to be in trend . I'm confident to say this trend will be in for a while just like the floral prints have been, so this outfit will be on trend so you can buy it without the worry of getting rid of it and buying the new stuff too soon.

Asos                                                                                        £17.99

 I Chose the Brown/black Sandle because I have got a really nice brown bag and so it would go really well with that. BUT the white Sandle goes just as well as the brown so what every you prefer. To finish this look off gold chunky jewelery would be fantastic such as a gold cuff. (which you could probably get in Primark for a couple of pounds.

I would just like to classify that i am not linked or representing these shops so you don't have to feel obligated to buy any of these  items. 
Thank you! 

Monday, 30 May 2011

Fashion Fun!

OK, so u haven't quiet finished uploading my project up as its a complex task..BUT..... I just love this summer's styles and just have to write about them now.

SO this season block colours are all the range. Just take a look at the runways this season.

 I just  love the idea of bright colour for shorts and jeans as well as bright and also light colour floral print shorts and jeans. They Rock!
also (the celebs especially are wearing and liking the block colour dresses.) With bright colours and the occasional print this year most of the celebs are rocking it this year.