Friday, 28 February 2014

Come on Summer!

Sorry I haven't posted recently busy working but I will try hard to post more often. Anyway this week the sun finally came out and we all gave a sigh of relief. But today the English weather back tot its old tricks make a dark duty day and we can't help but let our minds drift to the summer; long hot days  and cute summer outfits! 

Friday, 21 February 2014

Day in London: Fashion Galore!

Yesterday Was amazing day in London I went to the Summer Set House to the Isabella Blow exhibition Fashion Galore! I would definitely would recommend it was so amazing.  There was tones of couture from Louis Vuitton, Prada and of course Alexander McQueen (they were know for their collaboration) Beautiful! Then I went to Camden Town to the market. Well That was an experience I would never forget! Yeah it was interesting and different! The one shop that I probably wouldn't purchased anything but I thought it was a lot of fun! It's called cyber dog. Yeah It very futuristic and style of clothes and amazing loud and cool music playing. Then after a tasty lunch I headed over covent garden to take a look around(thats more my scene than camden with Dior and Burberry). Then a coffee break at costa the day was done I it was time to return home. I love London its so much fun. 

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

New Skirt Time

Yes I know the first opportunity that the rain stopped I went shopping and bought another skirt! Yeah... It kinda brings the total up to 14 skirts. But this skirt is for my Paris trip so I have forgiven my self but Hopeful I don't get tempted again. It is a Fabulous Skirt though:

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

London Fashion Week Round Up!

So as it comes to the end of another exciting fashion week we can't help but look back and kinda want for it to winter all over again so you can buy a whole new fashion week inspired wardrobe. Then you look outside at the pouring rain and think maybe it is time for summer. 

We saw some AMAZING outfits flow down the runway, from bright and clashing colours from henry holland to beautiful and fun patterns from Holly Fulton.


Jasper Conran, I have always loved his work and this year was no exception. His collection is simple and effortless chic with a fabulous use of colour blocking and bold band striking patterns. I think if I only had three words to describe his collection I would say "Working Girl Chic".

Holly Fulton: Over the years of watching London Fashion Week Holy Fulton is one designer that never fails to impress and I have become such a fan of her work, Last season with different way of present a fashion show with the pattern boards inspired. This season her runway show exploded with exciting prints and colours that is so creative but yet so wearable. 

House of Holland: Yes another favourite, and as you may know I often shop in his Debenhams range. This Season his collection was filled with clashing colours and punches of bright and allusive colour and sparkle enough to make anyone to sit up and pay attention. I think this collection is daring but if your brave enough still very wearable.


Topshop's Unique I would round up Topshop's collection as Hardcore Glamour. With smoky colours match with warm layers. I especially like the smooth creams and warm blues. There is hint of grunge. It's glamorous chic and I love it.