Sunday, 31 March 2013

Outfit of the week

I created this outfit with my skirt and top from TOPSHOP and a old shirt from two years ago which a created a fun Aztec bohemian look with the Aztec print of both the skirt and top clashing its a really fun and easy to pull of just accessories it with a pair odds wedges, bangles and a over the body bag.

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Shopping Haul

Yesterday I did a spot of shopping my all favourite pastime (obviously!). I thought i would share my fashion buys:

This skirt from republic -£16 is great to build a bohemian/ Aztec 
look its fun and easy to make a fun easy to change up! 
I think the print is fun and bold which I just love.

These are the shorts I featured a few posts ago,these shorts are from the 
H&M conscious range, they are a great material 
and simple but very versatile and easy to wear. I
 LOVE these!

I know these aren't fashion but I found them in Debenhams in their sale and
 I thought they were SO cute and perfect for part
 of my new room make over I am currently doing. LOVE!

I love these clothes hopefully the weather gets better so I can actually wear them!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

How to make a scented padded coat hanger

Every one needs chic hangers for there chic collection to make it better hut why spend the money when you can you your old ones with some spare fabric.

You will need:

A old coat hanger
PVA Glue
Cotton wool/ stuffing
Needle and thread
Scented flower e.g lavender 
Fabric 50cm length  and 45cm wide.

Cover the coat hanger thoroughly in PVA glue by painting it on.

Now tightly and evenly stick on you stuffing, add you scent into the wool and over but making sure it's secure
Fold the piece of fabric in half with the two longer sides wrong sides facing in.
Wrap the fabric around the hanger 
Making sure the material is pulled tight where the two ends meet then pin in place
Now hand sew along the pinned side making sure the stitches are small
Fold in the sides neatly and hand sewing again with small stitching and repeat for other side
Decorate how you please

Video uploaded shortly: Video at How to make a padded coat hanger Video

Simply Perfect

A simple and fun outfit to transition you from winter to spring. its easy to accessories but don't over do it keep it simple.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Bohemian style

Get the hottest trend this season from your high street for a stunning price! This look is SO fun to play with, its all about loud patterns baggy overlays and clashing colours. its so easy to dress up and change around because anything goes. This a fun and quirky look and easy to pull off! 

Do your part with H&M!

I love nature and I love it even more when it inspires fashion. I am concious for the environment as I love it and want it to be preserved because there is always room for beautiful flowers and graceful animals. I know it is hard to do your part and know how to help but know you can with H&M conscious range. It's more sustainable fashion, but don't buy it just because you feel you have too do buy it because these pieces are so gorgeous. H&M are making fashion sustainable by helping the local communities where materials are sourced and preserving workers rights, as well as helping the environment by using organic and sustainable cotton sources and saving water by using Water-concious denim to save 300 million litres. This work is fantastic and to help it keep going we have an excuse to buy fun and fashionable clothes. YAY! 

Some of their pieces in this collection I am not crazy about but I do love most of it! some of my fav pieces:

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Outfit of the week

This out shows of the black and white trend without over doing it as well as being fun and easy to wear and accessorize. It is a simple look but simple can be good. I love to build up outfits to create a fab out fit which can be mixed up and changed to make it timeless.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Top 5 most needed Items for your Wardrobe:

This is for me the 5 most needed pieces for


Saturday, 2 March 2013

A New Start!

Hey Guys, I am SO Sorry about not posting for such a long time. I have been redoing my room and its taken all my time but I a have made a promise to my self to post once a day every day for at least on week!

Any way London fashion week was a amazing I am not going to go into detail as I missed it and have only just finished catching up.Though I did like the flowing whites and the splashes of gold. I especially liked then domino's wow that was amazing!

Any way last week I managed to get down to London for a day (Finally) to see the Valentino Collection from across his designing years oh... it was amazing so creative some more wearable than others, bright colours and with so much detail it was fantastic! After that I went down to Oxford street and did a little retail therapy  I bought a few things here and there like tops form H&M, TOPSHOP, and NEW LOOK and some jeans as well it was SO muck fun!

I will be up loading another Do It Yourself Video: How to make Chic coat hanger just in the middle of editing that will be on my "Make" Page! Once I have done redoing my room I will be showing you the before and afters as well so I will be busy restarting this blog!