Thursday, 23 June 2016

Behold the Body

The body suit has made a come back a few years back. Never really making an impact. Since then the have just been there in the background not really doing much. Personally I have never been interested in them and I felt my money was better spent of a stunning skirt or top or even a decent pair of jeans. But recently the high street has stepped up its game when t came to body suits. In my shopping travels found my self finding some really stunning body suits before they were a meh boring and just done... but now they have a more sexy and edgy quality. So I think now is the time to get them while they are hot! 




Friday, 10 June 2016

Today In London...

The sun was shinning in London today I made the most of it by wearing my new River Island Maxi, which put me in a right good mood! I also went to the Underwear exhibition at the V&A which was so interesting and so inspiring the development and change of underwear over the years and the details so good I definitely recommend it.
I also took a look round the fashion department and costume to get inspiration for my new Uni project which was also really interesting.

I also went to the Fashion and Textiles Museum for their new exhibition which was a little disappointed there wasn't much there and I was wish their was more I wouldn't recommend to go out of your way to see the exhibition if I was honest. 

Friday, 3 June 2016

Magnificent Mules

If I am honest I was a massive fan of the mule shoes at first but the last few weeks they are really starting to grow on me and its a big footwear trends this summer. I personally prefer the more simple designs likes these one from Topshop and ASOS. With a pair of skinny jeans or a flippy skirt it makes for a very cute very chic outfit.