Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Summer to Winter

I am so sorry I have been slack with updating my blog, Christmas is coming and I was spending too much time worrying about that. No excuses I will be better and next year will be the best for my blog!

Right, if you are like me you love summer and that is the season you love buying clothes for. Well if you live in a place like I do for example England where is cold and rains a lot (although as I look out of my window the sun is beaming) you don't get the most out of you summer attire. I bought a lovely playsuit this summer and I only got to where it once before the weather went belly up! So I thought I would find away to bring my summer clothes into the winter! 

 Layering Necklaces is a big trending coming, and Its a trend I love!

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Item of the Week

I am sorry for the long absence, I have been so very busy it's been annoying that I couldn't post, but I am totally freed up and I will be posting all the way. 

So this is my Item of the week. It's from Topshop, it's so simple but yet so dramatic. What I love about it so much how you can change one or two things and you have created a whole new look but so dramatic and chic.  I love it, I hop you do too!

Monday, 10 November 2014

Voluptuous Velvet

Velvet is making a comeback. And about its time too! Velvet, if used wrong can be reminiscent of something you may find in you grandparents house. But it if used right velvet is a beautiful fabric the way it can dance and race down your curves, and how it can glimmer and shine. Its perfect for the up coming party season. There is also many different way to wear it. Draped as a kimono or tailored like a fitted playsuit for a more modern look. Either way velvet is back and man is it chic. 

Winter Wish List...

Winter is all about fab glamour and warming our winter hands after long cold day. 

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Lace Up

I love lace. It's such an easy way to enhance a simple outfit. And there is so many ways to style it; go really girly or gothic. I think black lace is the most effective.  It really gives you that edge to your outfit and or style. Lace is so beautiful and it really looks fab when you mix it with different textures, I especially love leather.

Black is Back

Black is so hot this winter season. I think wearing a simple black piece with minimal embellishment is such a sophisticated and effortlessly chic.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Today in London... I wore Floral Trousers

Today I headed up to London to check out the Westwood to Channel Exhibition which is at the Fashion and Textile Museum.  It was really very good. I think there is a lot of miss conceptions about about knitwear, people would generally immediately think of big winter jumpers. But with todays tech knowledge and even way back in the 20s you can't even tell it is knit wear. I really loved how Juliann McDonold incorporates into his collection. The exhibition was very interesting  displaying a range of knit wear from the 20s right through till today from designers like Channel, Westwood and Zhandra Rodes but also from high street stores and pieces hand made pieces by housewives. I also enjoyed how they explored the effects of runway fashion to high street stores and even how housewives own makes inspired designers like Channel. I found the knitted swimwear from the 20's most intriguing especially how that would play out in the sea! Then it was to Westfield wear I purchased a running dress which I will show you later in another post. 

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Going Retro

I bought this mini skirt from Miss Selfridges and I am in love with the paisley retro print. I think it will be the only chance to wear this skirt without tights on! I think the slouch boots really finishes off the retro look. I am really enjoying this Indian Summer we are having her in England it really gives me a glimpse into what it would feel like to live in a hot country (sigh). I love this retro trend for this Autumn/Winter season it is a really fun trend to play around with go full retro or just hints!