Friday, 23 September 2016

The Black Dress

I loved this knitted black dress its simple and chic and perfect item for your Autumn/Winter wardrobe. Its so simple and elegant I just no its going to to be piece thats in your wardrobe for years to come and will be timeless. I love this dress but I have to say black although very chic can sometimes needs a lift so I have paired this glam dress with some stunning bright red will and statement jewellery and bag. I feel you could keep that clutch in your office draw put you essentials in it and be on your way to an amazing night out and looking fabulous while looking very professional hours before hand at work. Thats what great about this dress and outfit just changing the bag out changes the whole feel of the outfit. 

Dress and Shoes From Next
Accessories From Topshop

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Embrace the Embroidery

Following on from the jazzy jeans post a while ago, but what I have now fallen in love with these floral embroidered jeans. They are easy to wear with lots of outfits and it add another level to your outfit which I love. I think Topshop have bought out about 1000 versions of these jeans below of course with a price tag but I personal bought a pair from Primark for £17. Both Newlook and Glamours have also bought out a pair for a reasonable price and Asos also got a pair but yeah you guessed it the price is up there. 


Friday, 16 September 2016

London Fashion Week Day 1: Ashley Williams

Ashley Williams was a weird one. I loved some pieces and to put it bluntly hated others. There was a set of sorts of what was probably be a child's bedroom. I think at one point there was a theme of sibling rivalry with I was born first quotes. 
There was underwear was outwear with a fringed bra on top garments which I liked. I really liked the tailoring in this show it was nicely done if not a bit random. There was then a nice pair of dungarees with top stitching which I was liked. Later there was fabulous yellow summer dress with the bra detail on and a suit too with the same fabric. 
I really liked the oversized jackets with the skirts it reminded me of Greece (film not country) especially the pink and black one with bra on top.  There was the a garments with oversized sleeves I really liked the shirt one the most.  This was mixed show which also featured one mens outfit and an oversized jumper which although look rather nice and comfy was a bit out of place in a Spring/Summer show. But it was fun I liked it and it was a unique way to end day one! 
I hope you have enjoyed London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 17 and come back tomorrow for day 2.  Tell me your thoughts in the comment section.

London Fashion Week Day 1: PPQ

What can I say PPQ amazing. Started with drama and carried it right through. I emitted summer which we all need a does of because the weather today is awful! It started with pink and greens into a lovely cropped tailored jacket and a long pink tailored jacket, then a fabulous dress with a peplum at the bottom. There was then some amazing dresses with astonishing necklines which floored me, and the way they moved was beautiful.  
The end of the show was my favourite part once again, I loved the use of the fringing and how it moved it added the extra layer to the outfits but they weren't over done. I adored the illuminating florals that bursted on to the runway. I loved this show it inspired and excited me just what I needed! 

London Fashion Week Day 1: DAKS

I just watched the live stream of the DAKS. I have to say not my favourite of today it was that inspiring or amazing. But there were some gorgeous pieces that floated down the runway.
It started of with a lot drama and suspense and the atmosphere went to a calm feeling. 
I felt like a lot of the pieces had a Grecian feel either a fabulous evening out or going to work we amazing dresses and beautiful tailored jackets. I felt the colours and prints were a but random but I liked the pure white and the brown dress and the white dress moved so gracefully as the model walked. Like the first show there were a few male outfits thrown in for good measure some of which matched the female model which was interesting. 

London Fashion Week Day 1: Ryan LO

Ryan LO. That was an interesting one I think I am still compartmentalizing that show, it was a bit surreal. I liked though...I think. The garments were metallic and sparkly at first very pretty and frilly. The way I would describe the show it has a child like innocence. It was a child's play time children are dressing up in this kind of victorian in the way of frills and they have dived into this dressing up box or their grandmothers closet and come out with crazy big hats and oversized trousers and coats in which the sleeves are way to long. You take a look and see you agree or at least see were I am coming from.

London Fashion Week Day 1: Bora Aksu

Bora Aksu one of my very favourite designers I am very excited for this show. 

I loved this show. The show had a strong nature vibe with the music and leafy stairway. Its started with luscious pink number sweet enough to eat. With lots of frills and elegance. A lot of the garments were classic and feminine. The first few had the most fabulous little jackets on with stunning embellishment.  I really loved the necklines on the last couple of dresses before the darker ones appeared they were flattering and it worked really well with the detailed fabric.
Then the garments were darker and more earthy. Then a bright yellow which had gorgeous flow is was amazing. Unfortunately and at a great annoyances to me the live stream froze a couple of times so I think I missed a few and then it out before the end. But what I did see I loved it was a collection which was wearbly chic and I loved the colours and layer of this garments.

London Fashion Week Day 1: Teatum Jones

Its fashion week. And as I have said in the past London is the one of the best Fashion weeks only just behind Paris move over New York, London is were the talent is New up and coming as well as timeless classic designers. 
I will be blogging about some of the live stream shows through out fashion week and will also about any other shows that catch my eye through the week so stay tuned for London Fashion Week Fun.

First up is Teatum Jones which I am so excited for. 
Here we go....

So I just finished watching the Live stream of Teatum Jones Show and wow amazing.  
Its starts with a powerful video of people talking about acceptance being yourself and not letting people and religion stand in your way. It was so powerful and moving a great way to start the show. 

The show started after the video and it gave the whole show a powerful vibe. The catwalk was fresh and exciting and felt to me a lot like a show of a young graduate show it was very nice.
The garments were wearable but stand out and different. 

Its stared with a lot of silk and femininity lots of weightless and movement. I loved the sculpting to the body of the lace straps. The blues, pinks and purples so delightful in clashing prints. 

Sheer skirt with wave details so amazing. Then a simplistic green dress with a powerful green leather jacket.
I adored the powerful white shirt to follow, and then the corset dress. I loved the use of the open gap on the side of a few pieces at the end trimmed with tiny pom poms.  The end pieces I loved with the powerful patched lines, creating an almost contouring effect. The use of peplums and soft pleating created a controlled femininity and a power.

Over all I loved how the show flowed.With each section of the show linking back to each part in unique ways. It was interesting how they also added in a few men's outfits and it came with the feeling that more mens fashion is to come in future shows across fashion week.  The show was amazing and the garments were astounding. This Show went from strength to strength. 

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Biba Exhibition

I went to a local fashion exhibition and being London fashion exhibition crazy I had limit expectations compared to what I am used to in London but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. It was small but it didn't feel empty or over crowed and they had some gorgeous vintage 60s pieces in there from Biba brand a brand from the 60s aimed at young women who wanted to be trendy but on a budget and the clothing came in the post. I love the lacy dress especially and tailored coats. 

If your in southend from now to January 17th I recommending heading down there its short and sweet and did I mention free so its really worth while. Its in two parts fashion and then lifestyle in the museum next to it. 

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Wayward Western

I would like to apologize for the lack posts over the summer, I had plan (sigh) to post like a crazy person over the summer but my university project took over and although it pains me that had to take priority. I will be post more as I am currently working out a schedule so please stick around for more Fashion Crazy Me!

River Island is doing it take on western I have to say I love it and I cant get enough of the collection trying to choose my favourite pieces for this post is was a struggle to choose the best ones. What I love is the pieces well integrate seamlessly into the rest of your wardrobe so its not a novelty piece which you only wear once. It enough to embrace the western trend but not to go overboard and your walking around people are looking at you thinking; Well where's your horse then?