Saturday, 28 January 2012

I just love this skater skirt from which is the outcome of some of the hit party dresses last season and would go fantastic with the scallop top it you tuck it in and and make it baggy at the top. If you then add the right accessorises and bag it would make the perfect spring outfit!

WOW I Just Love this!

Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Golden Globes

The Golden Globes were a success and Ricky Gervais didn't piss any off this year ( to be honest I watched it last year and I didn't know what everyone's problem was) anyway... everything was great Ricky was funny and lots of deserving shows and movies won a golden globe.

Before I go on about who one what I want to write about who wore what (Because this is a fashion blog)
Its only right to start with the host I believe once again he wore Ted Baker which is the best of British and normally I love Ted Baker and all of his creations and I normally Love the suits that Ricky wares but the red Ted Baker suit was a huge mistake on his part it was not flattering and the colour was not him I think he should stick to what he knows and keep with black he looks a lot better and a LOT slimmer too!  Try again next year Ricky!
Now onto his wife/girlfriend or what ever messed up relationship status he is in (its all bit weird)  any she was wearing a McQueen dress what looked great on her!

Now onto the TV and movie stars...
Angelina Jolie was wearing a beautiful white and red Versace Dress it had a bit of a train but not too much and shaped her body wonderfully it really did suit her. To go with her red collar at small and elegant red clutch bag.  Her whole ensemble was perfect and I couldn't complain! Now for her Gorgeous Husband Brad Pit and what he was wearing. He was wearing ferragamo suit and he looked stunning with a bow tie to finish off his clean cut look (though its time to get a hair cut brad!) 

On to Reese Witherspoon who looked fab in her hot red strapless dress which flared at the bottom. I just adored it.  Her make up was subtle  and very natural which worked well with her hair. It looked amazing!

Tina Fay also looked fantastic in her maroon/red colour which is also strapless with wrinkles and pleats at the top and flared at the bottom with the most stunning ruffles which kinda resembles flowers made from a netting type material and they look great and classy at they same time. LOVE! She finished the look with a small dimand in crusted purple clutch so gorgeous! The designer was Oscar de la Renta and she upstaged Jame Lynch when they presented a award with her.

Now onto Madonna. Before we get onto what she was wearing she deservingly won a award for her new film W.E for best original song and she also presented a award when she retaleated wonderfully to Ricky Gervais's comments. Anyway she was wearing I kinda liked what she was wearing... top part at least.. other than that I'm not sure its not horrific but I wouldn't choose it as my favorite.  Her dress was designed by Reem Acra. 

This golden globes was a fashion filled phenomenon with talent and laughs and I enjoyed ever so much and I hope that Ricky Gervais Considers returning for a fourth time next year but I'm pretty sure he won't, What a shame. Oh well until next year!

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Fashion update!

I will be writing more about the golden globes later this week but today I wanted to write about some new trends cropping up. All the new things are coming in as all the old stuff is being sold off and off course all the summer stuff is coming in and I am loving in it!
The floral print trend is still going strong and a few winter trends are leaking in too as well as winter trends adapted for summer life too!

from Topshop I just love all the geek chic collar and chiffon shirts also I love the over the shoulder bags are still in as I adore them! Off course there is a load of swim wear for summer and they are floral printed (LOVE!)

These were some of my favourites but you can get them from Topshop with different variations of them. has some great things this season I especially love the skater skirt they have in red and would go perfect with that scallop top talked about a while ago. also on there are lots of bright  block colours which we was a lot of from last time as well all so last year we saw a lot of brogues (which are gorgeous) and this year I love the fact that have taken it to the next level by making the them bright pink patent and with a quiet high heel I'm just loving. there are also quiet a few ice cream colours going on starting to come through but I think we will be seeing more of them later in the year. There are some fashions just like Topshop but as well as the good old 
floral print!

Great example of Ice cream colous

Some serious colour blocking


Again Miss Selfridge a lot of the same thing bright and light colours, floral prints and colours as you can see. 

I just love all the new season trends and I have feeling they will develop even more over the next few months!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Golden Globes Part one

The golden globes were fantastic and the host Ricky Gervais ( and if you don't know who he is... well he is a small rather fat English comedian) he was hilarious.
I will be writing about all the goings on at the awards who said what 
or won what and most importantly who wore what!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Vintage Floral Bag!

I just love vintage items and I love a good bag so to have both with the extra bonus of a floral print on one item it brilliant! I love this bag as it goes with most casual outfits and it very practical too! Its very hand to grad and throw on your back and still look really 
stylish ( and I'm not a big fan of backpacks) but i think we will be seeing them more and more this season in all different shops! I can't wait to get mine!

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Scallop Top

The scallop is this seasons must have! you can gets these from and topshop. tuck one of them into a pair of skinny jeans or a high wasted skirt with a blazer  then add a some chunky jewelry and a clutch bag and a pair of sandals and you have a a perfect spring look!


Saturday, 7 January 2012

Techno Fashion!

Techno Fashion is for very modern and fun!Its when technology and fashion weather, its clothing or accessories is incorporated into fashion, for example if I wanted to plug my iPod into my bag or coat and run the wire through that would be perfect example of Techno Fashion!

  This bag is an example of a techno product because by using a stereo design and incorporating a pair of speaker to plug an mp3 into this is a techno fabric because the designer has put a man made product into it.

  One of more common techno product is a fibber optic product which safely aluminates a product giving the clothes a modern look. People often use them on stage and wedding like when it dark to make it a nice effect. You can use it in mass all over the product or just a few it give it a stullte sparle. 

Swarovski has come up with a very original idea called the D:light this new fashion accessory includes light, diamonds and time. It uses the light to light up the diamonds to show the current time. This is a new type of techno fashion that hasn’t been used before.    

Angel Chung has designed a body warmer that at a press of a button heats the vest up it has due to a special material for the vest which is able to conduct heat. This is newer type of techno clothing and is designed for a winter’s day.