Monday, 28 January 2019

Pattern Cutting: Moving Shoulder Darts

So I was about to crack on with some pattern cutting, and the block I use when I am not draping has shoulder darts (I'm not a fan of the shoulder darts) so I was to take them. But them I thought why not photograph and share it on here for anyone who isn't sure.

Bodice Front:

Step 1
Draw a line from the point of the dart horizontal into the arm hole.

Step 2
Cut along the line to the point but stop just 1mm short of it

Step 3
Cut up the right line of the front dart again to the point but just short so the paper is still attached.

Step 4
Pivot the loose piece of paper to the top closing the shoulder dart and matching up the shoulder seam line.

Step 5
Stick down the now closed dart. This has opened up a bust dart stick a piece of paper underneath where the new dart is. Draw along the lines of the dart to make them clearer.

Step 6
This step I wouldn't normally do until I have traced it of but for the this post the next step is:
Fold along the line of the new dart and meet it with the second line of the dart making sure the dart is closed making sure the armhole line is now matching, cut along that line and then open back up the dart. This will make the shape of dart bottom. Again I would do this step until you have traced the master but it doesn't matter that much.

Bodice Back

Step 1
Draw a line from the right line of the bottom dart to the point of the shoulder

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Skirt of the Summer!

So topshop had an amazing bias satin skirt last season and this season they have given it a summer update and its back with a vengeance and I am loving it. Its such a chic  and easy look to pull off! Its one of those item which you can dress down with a bad jumper or t shirt or jazz it up for an evening look with a leather jacket a pair of heels and a chunky bracelet.
This skirt comes in so many beautiful colours and prints but my favourite has to be the purple. 

Saturday, 5 January 2019

Perfect Prints

I love a good print I love how it can take a simple garment and really elevate it and increase the drama. I have been experimenting with print design. I did my first sample I couldn't believe the amount of choice there is in terms of fabrics you can have digitally printed. So I was so excited this morning when it arrived I really pleased how it turned out. I don't think I would order it for a whole garment I think I would like to create a more complex and intriguing pattern.  But I also ordered some generic samples and I am keen to have another go. 
But it got me thinking about luscious prints being used now and how to style them to perfection:

My Sample:
Print Outfit Ideas:

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Hello 2019!

So its a new year (if hadn't already noticed) which means lots of new fashion and post to go along with it. 2018 was a bit patchy last year but I will be striving to correct this in 2019!

To start the year I thought I would select some of my favourite trends coming for the up coming summer something to look forward to that and the warm weather of course!


This one is exciting because we can keep our sequins from Christmas!
These are from Mui Mui S/S19


Tom Ford S/S19