Friday, 31 January 2014

Topshop Spring/Summer Wish List!

As usual I am looking forward to the summer. Especially on dark, cold and rainy day like today is. The upcoming season looks great. There is so many inter changeable style opportunities. I love bright and bold prints and accessories as it just screams summer bliss. Anyway here is my topshop wish list...

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Fun Wish List Outfits

I love fashion beacuse you don't really have to have one style- I know I don't! I love that you can take a top from a gothic/ grunge look and put it into a casual boyfriend look like what I have done with the outfits below. I adore all of these outfits but My favourite has to be the skirt and jumper combo. It's like 50's chic and its filled with femininity and glam. I created theses outfits on ASOS fashion finder its so fun to make outfits and check out others looks. So come down and check out my outfits:
Hope you Enjoy:

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

More New Look Buys...?

Yes again. No this Item was the whole reason I went online to new look to purchase. I couldn't find the dress in store and they had an offer on online and in store so I ordered it online,but first I though I would look at other clothes I might want since there was 20% of everything. But as usually I got carried away and totally forgot to order the dress that was the whole reason for the order in the first place. So anyway I ordered the next day(along with some nickers to add the order up to get free store delivery But lets keep them a mystery!) So here is my Aztec Body Con dress my latest buy:

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

What I Would Wear to London Fashion...

What would I wear to London Fashion Week? I would go simple chic. Something a little fun and edgy but also dark and mysterious but splashes of gold to brighten the outfit up. Actually picturing it my head it also has a hint of glam to it which I love. Anyway this outfit for me would be the perfect as I think it screams London Fashion Week!

Monday, 27 January 2014

New Look Buys

I was so excited to find my New Look parcel on the door step when I got home which put in a a great mood since it has been a very plain monday! I purchased the cuff that has been I a few of my post which a adore (probably could have guessed that) and gold (not real of course- I wish) statement necklace, a pair of short that have also been featured in previously post a pair of cute skinny jeans and a fun tee. I love this tee because it is so easy to mix and match. I hope you like them as much as I do enjoy:

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Outfit Fun

I love this combination from next it makes a cute outfit with bold print on the blouse and the statment necklace for under the collar a cute skirt for the blouse to be tucked into and of course a pair of mega heels to die for then lastly a fab little clutch and gold bracelet. SO much fun!

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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Dress Envy

I love this Elie Saab's dress I love the dark fitted bodice which turn into a beautiful and soft and flowing which burst into amazing colours and turn lighter till its gets to the flow. My god its amazing I would just love to wear that or even just have it on a mannequin in my room so I could look a it all day. Devine.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Screen Actors Guild Awards- Fashion Fix

This year all our famous friends pulled out the stops to impress I don't think there was one dress ( or in Kerry Washington case skirt and crop top-LOVE) that did not impress! When it comes to red carpets I love classic and simple chic and not so much outrageous fashion which I like normally.

So in no particular order here is my top three:

Herre is Morena Baccarin In this midnight blue dress a popular colour this year, I love the floaty skirt and how the fitted voice works really well the the pleats to give extra detail. Lastly the neckline with the straps I love its so so flattering and elegant-Amazing! If I was to give one bit of advice it would be to add a simple silver necklace.

Well we all thought that Lupita Nyong could not out do her Golden Globe performance but yet she amazed us with this Gucci number. Oh my God this is by far my Favourite dress literally decided this very second. It's simple and figure flattering but the floral detail just tops it all off, it's not over the top but not too under stated either the perfect balance! The colour is absolutely devine, especially on her skin tone its just... there are no words(well other than the one above)

Last but defiantly not least, Hannah Simone in this beautiful floaty dress is just fabulous. The colour compliments her skin perfectly I adore the ruffles at the top the neckline. Its so girly and pretty I think we can agree it's every girls dream dress. I just love everything about these dresses!

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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Today I am Wearing Black Skinny Jeans and Sued Slouch Boots

Well the English weather has let me down- yet again! I don't remember a time when it want thundering down with rain. But rain can't get me down when I am wearing fabulous outfit!

Monday, 20 January 2014

A New Look Look

Well the rain is still trickling down our windows but nothing helps beat the Monday blues with a little outfit mix and match!

Friday, 17 January 2014

Item of the week...!

Hello my fashion friends today is my item of week- yes again! This week it's an amazing pair of shoes. They are amazing and I love them because they go perfect with big over the top flared skirts and of course the boyfriend jeans. Add a gold cuff a black and gold clutch and (of course)  the statement necklace to a basic box crop top and you have a amazing outfit! Just full class, sophistication and obviously style and chic! Enjoy your weekend!

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Friday, 10 January 2014

Henry Holland Most Wanted:

I love Henry Holland(as you might already know) his Debenhams collection is the best. I love how Henry Hollands creative and fun personality shines through into his designs. I enjoy mixing and match weird and fun designs with sophisticated chic to make an fun and fabulous outfit.
An Example being this fun giraffe top with the pencil skirt or high washed jeans... If only i could afford them! The phone case? I don't know I just thought is was adorable and summed up Henry Holland, fun, creative and practical! 

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Item of the Week

I love this dress as it simple and figure flattering but yet it is overflowing with the latest trends. Its also so easy to great hundreds of fabulous outfits, by just changing up the accessories and outerwear. This is what I love about fashion getting creative with your style!

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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Prada Summer 2014 Campaign

If you didn't love PRADA already their new video spills over with chic, classic looks and daring , fun and outrageous looks. I love PRADA and every time they come out with a new add campaign I love them even more! 
One of the many points I love about this video is the bold prints everywhere and the chic accessories to match and the beautiful embellishment . This makes me long for summer even more especially when it is dark out!


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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Check this out!

There is nothing better than a bad pun on a rainy day! Yeah so once again it is raining outside, typical English weather letting us down again, if we have to have extreme weather why can't it be snow! 

Anyway checks or plaid print are still uber-cool so I say let's milk it! I love a good check skirt, dress, top or even trousers. It really gives you the chance to have fun and be a little daring and outrageous! 
Why don't you tuck your plaid shirt into your flared skirt and whack on a fab little (or big) belt.  Or for me I love to wear one with my leather tourers- any excuse to wear them! 
If you want to have a checked orientated outfit why don't you have a plaid dress with oversized bags and over the top jewellery! FUN!

Anyway these are a few of my favs from new look enjoy:

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