Saturday, 23 July 2011

Back in 13 days!

I have to love you and leave you!
I am off to Italy tomorrow so will not be posting for the few weeks but will keep an eye out for some cool Italian Fashion! 

I Will leave you with this thought  pink, floral and colours this season!



Sorry I haven't posted in a while but I was packing for holiday! So exited!          Anyway...

A few post back I posted how I like to design and make clothes and fashion well today design is what I am going to concentrate on. Design is the key to fashion and the industry that's how all designer are noticed and some even successful! 

 I Love to design and its really fun creating outfits and clothes via drawing. It is easier to show what my fashion will be like and what I would Love to put down my runway.  I also like to design things I will eventually make with in that month or so. If you want a career in design like me its very important to practice constantly especially if you are like me. if you are full of ideas which you can picture and see in your head but find it hard to express it on paper. I am no artist but after lots of attempts I have gotten considerably better but not perfect. Well not yet anyway! I Love to design and Its one of the best ways of expressing fashion!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Fashion is everywhere even if its not going down the runway and spread across magazines its still a fashion that you follow. 
Its so amazing that what ever fashion you follow that you all ways stay in sync with the latest fashions with that trend. 
I was walking home and I saw so many different styles and they all had their own spin on their style but yet in fashion for the their style too. It Kinda Shows even if you aren't interested in fashion you still can be in fashion by default, because that's what your friends like and the shops only sell whats in fashion in way or another!

Fashion, Fashion, FASHION!

I like runway and the latest fashions but it may not be for everyone!!

What ever your style keep up to date with it!
Fashion Have Fun!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011


I Love Retro! Retro objects is every where and I love them! Gumball Machines and Juke-Boxes! The Thing I Love the most is the Fashion!
Its so wacky and out there but in some way right now.
Block colours as i have previously is what Retro fashion and the 60s is all about! In retro fashion there isn't much of a waist line but the colours and and pattern solve the unflattering a quite daring waist line
Other than the block colours they are also psychedelic patterns and bright colour normally on Lycra material. Big  hair and sun glasses as well as the big earphones are all the range in the 60s and is so retro which I LOVE! Bright leg warmer and tights to finish the the loud, 60s and retro look!  

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Eco Fashion! Continued... And so much more...

So I was saying about how much I Love to design and make clothes a few days ago.
And I have decided what eco project I am going to make, I have done a ruff design and plan and hopefuly soon I will be making it!
I am going to make a dress from an old shirt and loads of sleves! Hopeful it will go well and will make me a small fortune in the furtue! (or not)
I would also like to make a bag to with make it out of ties to go with the shirt dress!

Even though I love to recycle fashion I still LOVE to shop!
I went shopping again today bought a cute little polo top in the sale and a floral wire head band in the sale aswell. Their so much in the shops to inspire you for fashion and I never noticed how easy it is to predict what everyone will be wearing tomorrow and what is heading straight for the sale rale! (though you can still pick up a real nice bargin in the sale that will still be fashionable for a little while longer) Somethimes things are in high-street fashion for ages before people stop buying them its just knowing what will stay and what won't. Just look at floral prints they have been in fashion for ages in all differnt form as well as plimcel shoes.
I just LOVE shopping and everything about it!

                                                           Keep Shopping!! X

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Bags, Bags and more BAGS!

I adore bags I have soo many maybe even too many. Though that's not possible!

This season the bag to have is the over the shoulder satchel bag! I especially like one from primark for 9 pounds  as well as the ones from river island quite a bit more... 
I love the look it gives out and scream sophistication and chic at the same time and pulls the out fit together so well in two very loved styles. Its also the typical bag that young children used to uses as school bags before they had more say in what they used. 
The satchel over the shoulder bag is a must have this season and will bring an outfit together perfectly!
River Island Bag! A must have!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Dress Making Mania! Continued...

So I was saying yesterday that I love designing and making my own clothes. And a great way of decorating garments is embroidery. This can be done in two ways either by hand (normally only small sections) or by using a machine. 

 Getting the best results for using a machine is simple.   Get a piece of material and attach it to the plastic square   and tread the machine before you set the computerized   machine to do its thing and all you need to change the   colour thread when necessary.  

Getting the best results by hand can be harder. 
its best especially if you are just starting out to use lining or cotton. You will need a transfer/pattern, needle and an iron. The best way if you are starting out is you basically you get a transfer and iron it onto you piece of material so you can see the pattern through the material and use the embroidery thread to trace the Pattern using a needle and stitching it.   

HINT: Use a embroidery ring to hold the material tort to make it easier and for a better result. 

I love using embroidery and its a great to finish a garment or put a twist on you original clothes or even a logo for you company.
I hope this was useful and informative! Till tomorrow good bye!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Dress Making Mania!

I very sorry I didn't post yesterday I didn't have time! SORRY!

So as you might of guested I LOVE to shop! But I also adore designing and making clothes! I'm just finishing a floral skirt and on my way to another project! I've decided to work from a pattern this time and make a dress. I've got a lovely pink silk and hopefully will come out well and will fit nicely! 

I think its great fun making clothes especially one were you just "wing it" and make it up as you go along. Its also a great way of saving money, getting creative and being environmentally friendly! When I have finished my dress I'm going to make a dress or bag using recycled stuff maybe drink cartons or old shirts or maybe even (unused) bin bags! But I'm not too sure yet, I will do a ruff design and go from there
AWW I am soo exited now to start my new little project! I will get started straight away! 

Sunday, 10 July 2011

The Brilliance of Alexander McQueen!

Even though Alexander McQueen has passed away his brilliance and Iconic style lives on. With Sara Burton is now the new designer but is still Alexander's name. 
Sara Burton was a pointed by The Fashion Gucci as Creative Director/ Designer in may 2010.
In her pairs Fall/Winter Collection in march there was a lot of fur and white colours. The bottom of the dresses are pleated and there is a lot of emphasis on the waist line with pin stripes. There later some grays come into it still including fur and different shapes and straps are introduced before a lot more adventurous designs come out. These are the designs to scream Alexander McQueen. Powerful. Daring. Different.

Alexander Was close to Lady GAGA as he designed most of her wacky and daring outfits.

I LOVE Alexander McQueen and last year his death was a tragedy not only for his family and his friends but for Fashion too. But hopefully his iconic designs and label itself will live on with the help of Sara.

Chiffon Chic! Continued....

I am a Genius or WHAT?? So yesterday I am reading my favorite magazine LOOK, and the first page is Florence (as in Florence and the Machine) and she was in america doing a gig and there was a picture of her doing two of them and she was wearing the most beautiful Chiffon dress by Gucci  and it looked stunning! It was like a she read my blog and asked Gucci to make her one! I am so pleased and had to share it!
I new I could predict high-street fashion quiet well but not celeb fashions!!!!
I am so Happy! I have Scanned the page so you can see! 

Enjoy! (I Know I did!)

The top picture expresses the movement of Chiffon exactly how I meant it on the other post and it 
looks Great! Florence has done a great job of proving my point!

I love this picture and I love Florence and she has showcased chiffon chic perfectly!
I hope I haven't come across as cocky or arrogant but just patient for fashion and my little successes!
SORRY! This post was meant to go yesterday but the picture wasn't working its still not so i will up load the picture later!

Friday, 8 July 2011

Festival Fever

The festival fever has hit the high-street! Festivals are at their prime so make the most of the festival fever while its still in the stores!
I don't go to festivals its not really my thing but i love all the fashion the shops bring out in celebration of them!

 The three main shops that I've noticed that have some really nice stuff in that section were Republic, Miss Selfridge, TopShop and Jane Norman (though not for much longer for them!). I've Noticed that this sort of string stuff with tassels is in this year as well as  waist coats. I love This and I saw a Gorgeous one in topshop for £40. Republic has theses fabulous bright coloured wellies for the mud. Gold chunky jewelry and maxi dresses to finish the perfect festival wardrobe. 


I especially Like the Maxi dress and Gold earrings the earrings just pull the outfit together and the maxi is so elegant but just makes a perfect festival outfit!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Chiffon Chic!

I just love the Chiffon material. Its Gorgeous. It moves in such a way its so silky and soft. I just love chiffon blouses and dresses that are flowy this just looks fantastic down the runway when it flows and with the wind flowing through it it just looks divine. The colours I especially like is peach and baby pink. With chiffon and this light and beautiful colours infusing with the flowy-ness of the dress just screams romance and beauty.   

Other than the colour this is a perfect example

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


I have contemplated all day what my post will be. I haven't written in a title as I still have no idea what fabulous post I'm going to write today. I've had many ideas of what to write like about how Jane Norman is closing down. (This is one of my favorite shops, it classy fashion but with a bit of a price tag. But the only up side to a pricey shop closing down is a massive sale!)
See if i wrote my whole post on that it wouldn't be very much. No. I want a great idea for a post. Something really drop dead brilliant post. I put my iPod on full blast in the background hoping for a burst of inspiration. But no. Hmm this is a hard one. BINGO!

Paris Fashion Week! That's it this will be my fashion post!
This year the Paris week is called Pairs Haute Couture Fashion Week! 
Dior started with bright and bold colour surprising as its a fall/winter. there was a lot of speculation if Bill Gaytten if he to replace John Galliano or not.

There was a lot of excitement over the model Anja Rubik being the face of the debut perfume by Elie Saab. He showed his collection Haute Couture earlier that day. The model was wearing the most beautiful dress, gold chiffon this was on the billboards through out the streets and metro line.

This Fashion week has been Fantastic and there's loads of it! I can't wait for the rest!

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Lady Dior

So I just love  Dior, But the Lady Dior line is my overall favorite! The Lady Dior bag so classic timeless it will never get old! To me this bag is about class and fashion coming together!
 That bag is what started the beginning of this year's bag trend. you probably saw the river island that where it started in the high-street. That is how iconic this bag is! I just LOVE IT!
This bag was in inspiration of Lady Diana. And will always be in Fashion!

There is a new line of them four in total they are really cool funky colours but they are horrible! they have messes around with a timeless classic and ruined it! The original are still for sale though (likely) I prefer the smallest size it looks cuter and nicer and more iconic. Dior bags are known for the Dior key-ring with the letters which adds a nice touch to a perfect bag!
This is an inspirational and iconic bag and a great little investment!

These are the new and quite frankly horrid Lady Dior Bags. :{ 

This is class and timeless fashion becoming one! Don't You Just Love It!?
This is the most Iconic and beautiful Bag which Will never go out of fashion in my eyes!

Monday, 4 July 2011

My Love for History of Fashion! 1940s to 1950s!

I Just love keeping up to date with the latest fashions, watching fashions shows and going shopping. But I just adore older fashions. from the late 1940s to the 1950s. i love how iconic the shapes, movements in the skirts/dress and the siluet of the dresses. I also love the hair how its sooooo neat yet sophisticated and in away fashionable! The dresses are mostly pleated and are layers underneath this makes the movement so nice. The use of  mono tones look very slimming and brings a nice contrasts nicely. The fashions in the 1940s seem to be neater, and the dresses and skirts are longer. The bodices tend to go in outlining your there tinny waist before the skirt part comes out from the hips with flattering pleats. In the 50s the skirt part is less pleated and the hem is higher and the colours are more varied and daring.   
 My favorite is the dresses they are absolutely gorgeous! I will upload some pics and you can see for yourself! But i just love 1940s/50s fashion! X


Here is you can see pleats and a longer hem and mono tone colours. And the emphases on the waist line. 


Here you can see a shorter hem and more daring colours and prints and less emphases on the waist line. as well as more accessories . 

Sunday, 3 July 2011


Yesterday I had the best Shopping trip at Lakeside! I bought loads!! including a floral playsuit and and skirt (skirt in the sale! YAY!) 
But my absolute favorite was this top from top shop! it was a little pricey but SO worth it!! it goes perfect with my new Jane Norman shorts as they are both blue and gives it a nice contrast!
This top it a little vintage but not too much. But I love it and is so on trend write now!

I Just love it so on trend!! £25 from topshop!!!
(couldn't find a picture of the shorts on the Jane Norman site. probably because they were in the sale!)