Sunday, 13 February 2011

A BIG Sorry!!!!

I forgot to up load picture of trousers and jeans for this season so i will do it quickly now!!

Crafted High Waisted Skinny JeansSoul Cal Deluxe Cuff JeansCrafted Peg Leg Braces Jeans
Braces and elastic at the ankle are very much the fashion and go really well with some of the tops i showed down the page.

Soul Cal Deluxe Boyfriend Utility Jeans

Boot cut  and boyfriend style is creeping back into our wardrobes but i have a feeling we will be seeing them more next season!

Miso Belted ChinosMiso Elasticated Waist Chinos

These sort of Trousers go quite well with a smock top or chiffon top/blouses but its quite hard to get right so choose carefully!  

Sorry I forgot before and its only a quick look but you can get the Jist of it!!

Photo Shoot...............

Yesterday i created a 4 different fashion scene which you can see next to the this ------->
They reflect just some of the trends this spring summer this year!
I will create some more soon and up load them. 
Next week I am going to be looking a Jewelery for this season. because i have pretty much covered the high-Street Fashions for this season. 

In a few weeks time when i have gathered enough picture and information I will be looking at timeless classic Designer trend and accessories. 

Sunday, 6 February 2011

High-Street Fashions: Republic

Hi, sorry I haven't posted for a while i thought i did one on Friday but it didn't work.
in republic I am seeing a lot of crop tops, checked shirts, baggy arms and tie ups also there is occasional floral number. If you looked at the Prada S/S11 Collection there was a lot of horizontal stripes  there a few garments with stripes in republic but i think there will be a lot more to a pear this season through out the high-street.

Checks, shirts and tie ups:
Soul Cal Deluxe Flannel Shirt   you can get this shirt in a number of colours and styles.

Soul Cal Deluxe Cropped Tie Shirt

here there is a few examples of this seasons styles; checks, tie up and crop top. This is also comes in a variety of styles and colours.

Soul Cal Deluxe Bird Print BlouseHere is a Blouse with bird print, I also think the Bird and Insect prints will be                                  more common through out this seasons

Miso Chiffon Gypsy Blouse

This is a Floral number also demonstrating a Crop top. Its kinda like Chiffon
blouse as well.

Miso Floral Frill Vest Top

Here is Another Floral number, with frills around the neck line.


Miso Oversized Stripe Cropped TopMiso Ruffle Stripe Crop Top
                                                                                                               Here is a lot of Horizontal stripes and as i said before I think we will be seeing a lot more of them this season.

Also if we go down the page the Horizontal stripes carry on but with a crop top "swing" cut.

Crafted Dip Dye Vest TopMiso Swing Striped Vest Top

The crop top swing cut continues.
Soul Cal Deluxe Sailor Cropped TopMiso Printed Crop Top
Miso Swing Bird Vest Top
Here there is still the swing cut with a bird print. Which will become more popular through out this season including Jewelery.

Soul Cal Deluxe Anchor Heart Cropped Top

 This top has several trends here with the stripes and the baggy arms with no shape and a slight swing cut at the bottom.

Soul Cal Deluxe 2in1 Jersey TopRepublic have lot of these double tops with a low of the shoulder neckline. It also  has a bird picture which fits in with the styles this season.

Miso Floral Cropped Top

  Here there is another Floral number with the swing cut bottom.

Thank you for reading this blog tomorrow I will be looking at H&M!                                  

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

New high-street trends.........

Before I go on to the latest high-street trends, if you go on to if you go on to the main site then click on s/s 11

High-street fashion: Today I am looking at tops and at their prints and styles!
I have went shopping on Saturday and I noticed that bud and birds prints are in high-street fashions at the moment as well as checker prints as well, also crop tops, tie up and baggy arms are making there way back in to our wardrobes!i noticed this in mainly Republic, H&M and New Look.

I am revisiting these shops and more on-line to show theses styles and how to wear them

First I went to the New Look Site and I found theses great examples................
As you can see there are lots of different styles and prints and they link into each other.
The fourth top, the ninth top and the twelfth top come in a variety of colours and prints.
Tomorrow I will be looking at Republic,H&M,TopShop as well as Miss Selfridge! Hope you enjoyed this piece and log on tomorrow for the next piece.  

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Designer Vs High-Street

here I am going to show you the latest fashion to rock the catwalks this season and compare them to high-street,and I have found look magazine and I will see what they make of celebrity trends and the latest fashions. There is the most amazing Dresses that went down the runway this week by Dior I can't find the article from look on-line and I can't find the fashion show any were either so I will scan it and up load it.