Wednesday, 31 August 2011

A Day Out!

Tomorrow I will be out all day and unable to post! I will have something to write about the next day though!! 
Sorry! Tell you friends to google: Fashion crazy me!
Thank you! 

Forties Glamour!

I have expressed my love for the forties era and am a delighted to find that forties glamour is making a come back through out the runways of different designers. 

Different designers have taken different takes and adding different accessories and using different styles.
Lots of them have included pearls, hats, fur, gloves and pencil skirts. I feel that detail is really important. Like pin stripes on the trousers and or on a blouse/ top to give it a tailed look. A statement hat with oversized sunglasses to give it a glam look. 
Your wait line is everything and a thing belt to bring in the waist will look great.  Finish off with a oversized clutch bad and leather gloves. Which will give you a vintage forties glam look!  Don't forget to mix and match with different accessories and if you have pearls and a vintage dress for the evening then that's even better. 
I love forties Glam!!! 

Tuesday, 30 August 2011


I love the Idea of boots being in fashion this Autumn/Winter knee and calf high boots all types of high boots walked town the runway this season and I love them! My favorite are suede and are lose fitting around the leg making a causal look. These walked down the  runway at Isabel Marant and are my favorite and hope to get a pair just like them!

Also I really like these really cute High heels! They come in different colours and styles with a lace up from the front. I just love then and will go perfect with a night out. I have already bought a pair but Miss Selfridge are selling them too now and I think are just perfect! And they scream elegance and class!"
These are a Brogue style in a delightful tan colour.

These are suede and in a lighter tan colour and have ribbon laces.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Italian Fashion: My Trip

Date: 22/08/11- 29/08/11

I went on a twelve day Holiday to Italy to see all the sites Italy has to offer, to see the high end fashion they are famous for, their gorgeous food, and to get a fantastic tan!

I Love Italy and I love pasta so I ate LOADS!  But I'm posting not about the good food but the places I went and the fashion that followed me!

I landed in a small airport Verona airport (which just like our airports isn't actual in the city but just outside of it) on the ................ July 2011. The first place I stayed was in a small apartment in Negra which was just outside Verona about a 10 minuet drive into the main city. I went to Verona for one day and saw all the main sites there to see aswell as having a nice plate of pasta for lunch! I went the very crowed but very romantic Juliets balcony which is a balcony which is attached to the house of Juliet. Juliet's house was made up as a tourist spot for people to vistit because the Shakspear set Romeo and Juliet in Verona.
In an Italian City you can't go to far with out going past a lot of high end desinger shops! (I tried to take as many pictures as I could but its SO busy its really hard to take pictures of things but I got a few for Verona. Designer shops are know for there abstract and albrate window desinges and I have to say for me out of the Louis Vuitton windows I saw I think theirs was the best! In Verona I saw Louis Vuitton and I have a picture of it. I also saw Gucci and Dolce and Gabbana which I have a photo off. After spending 5 night just outside of Verona doing a lot more things around the town I moved on to the  Delightful town of Salo which is on Lake Garda.

Salo is one of the most beautiful towns I have ever stayed in! Its So peaceful and full of life! The main "high street" (if you will) has lots of fantastic restaurants and bars. In Salo you will not need a car just a lot of money! There are lots of lovely towns just like Salo around Lake Garda and can take a lovely boat ride around them either staying on the boat and taking a picture from far away or getting of and exploring the town and eating out. 
If you are into water sports there will be a lot of things for you to do or if you like to swim you can in this lake as its very clean and there are beach type things to sit on and paddle or go for a nice long swim! Anyway I could go on about all the amazing places you could go to around Lake Garda but I want to talk more about Salo. 
If you are looking for high fashion Salo is the place!!!! My God! There was SO many wonderful boutiques and full with designer and some independent peices as well. There were are pair of Prada heels in a designer shoe shop and they are GORGEOUS! They were stunning I didn't buy them because lets face it they were really really expensive and that would have been most of the holiday money gone! If you are looking for fashion with less of a price tag because they had that too! I love Salo and wouldn't have any problem going back there!

Next I went to Venice, which again if you are planning to stay in the city you will not need a car! In Venice which you probably already know there are no roads just pavements and canals which mean unless you can afford a water taxi every day everywhere or was prepared to walk every were you had to get a water bus. and this is just like a London bus or tube train its pact full! put this is a small price to pay for a Fantastic experience! The food was divine there were so many things to see and do. I went on a very traditional Gondla ride and went into many famous churches and museum. 
But the fashion there was like no other Venice is fit to bursting with designer shops and Louis Vuitton has once again got the best window display! 
Venice is one of my favorite fashion city's and is cramped with high fashion! 
After spending 3 nights in Venice I flew home! It was one of my best Holidays!

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Sexy Pink Dress!

I have said many times how much I adore to design fashion as well as making fashion of my own. 

At the moment I am working on what I like to call my "sexy pink dress"! Its not finished quiet yet as you can see it has a lot of pins in still and I still need to make the waist more defined to get those sexy curves to show! (as well as it needing a very good iron!)

I hope and think has a real potential and will turn out looking really Fab!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Fashion Idoles!

There are so many people out there with a great sense of style and peopel we can trust to help us go the right way in fashion. theses people 9 times out of 10 are famous. I know mine are. Somtimes those fashion icons only help us because they are in the newspapers and magazines. But other Idols are actual people who discover fashion brands (noramly designer) these imspire me because I some day can follow in there footsteps. then there are fashion Gurus people who prech fashion people like Gok. these are problobly are the best ones as they have a bias opinion, they know all bout fashion as well as having passion for the fashion as well.

I think having a fashion Idol is a great thing to have it helps with confidence in your style and if they are famous it doesn't matter if you coppy them a little from time to time. Also you can edit and personalize their fashion and style to make it your own!

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Palazzo Pants!

I'm so sorry I haven't posted since I have come back from Italy but I was trying to up load pictures for the post and I had a bit of a technical problem and  could do the post. But I will do it for next week!

Palazzo Pants are the thing this new season which I think will hit the big time! I think they look fab and if you have a pair with a good print E.G. Floral print then you only really need a basic vest top to go with it which looks best tucked in! A big belt and even really thin belt will go really well with some pairs ( but not all so chooses wisely if you want to add a belt!)
The bootleg cut at  the bottom and the shape of the whole of the leg shape really lengthens your leg and will highlight your hip and waist!

The only down side to the is I only really think ( though please say if you think I'm wrong!) It only really works for a straight up and down figures and a hour glass body shape as is really focuses on the waist and hips so I'm really sorry but in my opinion other body shapes might not works quite as well. 

I really think and hope that Palazzo Pants will hit the big time this new season!