Sunday, 17 July 2011

Eco Fashion! Continued... And so much more...

So I was saying about how much I Love to design and make clothes a few days ago.
And I have decided what eco project I am going to make, I have done a ruff design and plan and hopefuly soon I will be making it!
I am going to make a dress from an old shirt and loads of sleves! Hopeful it will go well and will make me a small fortune in the furtue! (or not)
I would also like to make a bag to with make it out of ties to go with the shirt dress!

Even though I love to recycle fashion I still LOVE to shop!
I went shopping again today bought a cute little polo top in the sale and a floral wire head band in the sale aswell. Their so much in the shops to inspire you for fashion and I never noticed how easy it is to predict what everyone will be wearing tomorrow and what is heading straight for the sale rale! (though you can still pick up a real nice bargin in the sale that will still be fashionable for a little while longer) Somethimes things are in high-street fashion for ages before people stop buying them its just knowing what will stay and what won't. Just look at floral prints they have been in fashion for ages in all differnt form as well as plimcel shoes.
I just LOVE shopping and everything about it!

                                                           Keep Shopping!! X

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