Wednesday, 6 July 2011


I have contemplated all day what my post will be. I haven't written in a title as I still have no idea what fabulous post I'm going to write today. I've had many ideas of what to write like about how Jane Norman is closing down. (This is one of my favorite shops, it classy fashion but with a bit of a price tag. But the only up side to a pricey shop closing down is a massive sale!)
See if i wrote my whole post on that it wouldn't be very much. No. I want a great idea for a post. Something really drop dead brilliant post. I put my iPod on full blast in the background hoping for a burst of inspiration. But no. Hmm this is a hard one. BINGO!

Paris Fashion Week! That's it this will be my fashion post!
This year the Paris week is called Pairs Haute Couture Fashion Week! 
Dior started with bright and bold colour surprising as its a fall/winter. there was a lot of speculation if Bill Gaytten if he to replace John Galliano or not.

There was a lot of excitement over the model Anja Rubik being the face of the debut perfume by Elie Saab. He showed his collection Haute Couture earlier that day. The model was wearing the most beautiful dress, gold chiffon this was on the billboards through out the streets and metro line.

This Fashion week has been Fantastic and there's loads of it! I can't wait for the rest!

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