Saturday, 24 September 2011

"Fashion and art!"

Recently I gave noticed that fashion could be connected to art. 

When designers use flowing and chiffon and delicate and soft colours that screams romance and love it brings to mind the romantic art movement which I have been studding recently and it was while I was looking I found that  there was a lot of this included and it looked so graceful and beautiful and of course romantic in a strange sort of way. I don't know if this influences designers or not but its so should as its perfects to inspire anyone!

I think this is the best representation of  what I am trying to get across!

I am happy to know if you agree or not. Or even have something to add.


  1. Two run on sentences in the first paragraph. Try rewriting some of your posts; that will make your blog more effective.

    A college student who has her own successful blog, is studying Music and Art Education, and knows quite a bit about fashion.

  2. Hi thank you for you comment. This post was four years a ago and I was thirteen. Why don't you read some of my new post as my English skills have considerably improved. Thank you anyway and why don't you leave me you URL and I can see your blog.