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Ages and Ages ago I said I would upload the research I did on Yohji Yamamoto work well now I can Finally do it (hopefully it looks okay!) His work is really Inspiring and should really take a look at some of his collections! 

A Day in a Life of a Fashion Designer: Yohji Yamamoto

Few other professions depend so much on keeping on top of fickle popular opinion and watching what competitors produce. The life of a designer is intimately linked to tastes and sensibilities that change at a moment’s notice, and he or she must be able to capitalize on or even better influence those opinions. Designers reflect society’s sensibilities through clothing design. You have to know just about everything that’s been done before so that you can recognize it when it becomes popular again,

A bit about Yohji Yamamoto:

Yohji Yamamoto, born 1943 is an internationally known Japanese fashion designer based in Tokyo and Paris.
Born in Tokyo, Yamamoto graduated from Keio University with a degree in law in 1966. His further studies in fashion design at Bunka Fashion College led to a degree in 1969.
Yamamoto became an influential fashion designer after making his Paris debut in 1981. His commercially successful main lines, Yohji Yamamoto (women/men) and Y's, are especially popular in Tokyo.

Yohji Yamamoto: Career
Yohji Yamamoto is a Japanese designer. He designs and sells contemporary fashions.  

He officially started his career in 1972. 
He Designed  custom clothing Tokyo, from 1970; formed ready-to-wear company, in 1972; showed first collection, in Tokyo, 1976; launched men's line, 1984; Yohji Yamamoto design studio in Tokyo, established, 1988; also opened Paris boutique; collaborated with a film Notebook on Cities and Clothes, Berlin, 1989; signed licensing deal with Patou. His life as a fashion designer isn’t just designing fashions he plans fashions and the runway it’s self. He also adds the finishing touches to other creations and make sure they are up to standard.
She has recently opened an exhibition in the V&A; this is because he is recently opening his first shop in London.  

What makes Yohji Yamamoto’s “his”,
Yohji Yamamoto’s work is contemporary and in way slightly gothic. Most of his work is dark and normally flowing. In this he adds flashes of colour in to it as well.
His label and logo is called Y-3. Which Started in 1972 and debut in Paris in 2003.

Exhibitions, Books, Fashion Shows and Shops
In the Victorian and Albert (V&A) was Yohji Yamamoto’s first solo exhibition. In this exhibition it celebrated the work of Yohji and how he made his work unique. It explains how he uses different sorts of prints, materials and types of clothing to make something different. It also explained how he often didn’t finish of seams and parts of the garment to create an unfinished look. Some of his garments for men were very different in the sense of he used lots of “loud” floral prints and sometimes makes skirts for the man. Yohji Yamamoto also had a number of different exhibitions dedicated to him over the years as well.

Yohji has a few books which help with this research one book had a section dedicated to him in “Modern Menswear” he has also written a auto-biography called “My Dear Bomb” another book he helped with which celebrates his work was called” Fashion Memoir Yohji Yamamoto” .


Yohji has shops all over the world:
·      He has one in London, Conduit Street
·      One in the USA ,Grand St, New York,
·      Also  Antwerp, Belgium
He keeps a set theme throughout his shops as you can see:
Which is very modern and is black and white.

Fashion Shows:

Yohji runs unique and “fun” fashion show that show of his contemporary fashions. He takes part in most of the fashion weeks around the world and puts down new fashions every season. He normally has different themes to his fashion shows but uses similar sorts of styles in away that’s very different. 

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